LFW SS12: Corrie Nielsen – Argbiter Elegantiarum

Last season Corrie Nielsen with her gorgeous couture gowns was one of my highlights, I think this Argbiter Elegantiarum spring/summer 2012 will be right up there but for completely different reasons. Her autumn/winter 2011 showcased her technical skills to the max with the regal couture wear, this season it seemed like Corrie has her business head on slightly and has produced a gorgeous ready-to-wear collection.

There are still flashes to the past, last season it was the Elizabethan era, this time I felt it was more modern with a Victorian vibe to the tailoring, and more importantly I am sure will be snapped up by one of the luxury department stores. The gorgeous tailored trousers and jackets were perfection.

The collection itself incorporates exquisite detailing, at times I was a so taken with the pieces that I didn’t snap quick enough. I loved all the structure, pleating, and Japanese influences in the clothes, the silhouettes were amazing. My favourite piece had to be this striking white tulle dress, which could have easily been the finale piece.

Like with her debut on-schedule show Corrie had her models walking slowly, which really fitted with the traditional Japanese influences in the pieces, it also worked perfectly with the gorgeous bird song music.

**Sorry for my poor pics, was my first show with a new camera as you can see it didn’t go well, and my seat wasn’t ideal, but I thought they would be better than copying from Style.com**