Cover Loving: Ponystep Issue 2 – Donatella vs Edna

I do love it when fashion magazines go for the quirky and obscure approach to their covers. I don’t think any publication will be able to beat the very diverse and completely opposites attract approach that Ponystep have taken for their issue two.

On one cover is the diva that is Donatella Versace photographed by Miles Aldridge, then on another cover is the diva from down-under Dame Edna snapped by Alice Hawkins.

Yep, you read that right, Ponystep have Donatella vs Edna.

I don’t know about you possums but I am sold on Dame Edna’s cover – those glasses teamed with her purple rinse hair is amazing.

Ponystep Issue 2 hits newsstands on October 14.

[Pics: Ponystep]