Jewellery Spotlight: Laura Gravestock – Written Collection

I make no secret of my love for jewellery, it is in my eyes the perfect accessory, I know a lot people say shoes or even handbags, but for me I love how different pieces of jewellery can affect my mood and jazz up an outfit. My love of jewellery also makes me hunt out new pieces, whether that is rummaging through vintage and charity stores, or searching online, which is exactly how I stumbled upon these gorgeous pieces designed by Laura Gravestock.

I think it was my love for Gossip Girl that made me take notice as I have been on the look out for an XOXO ring for a while, and this beauty is so cute and dainty that I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. To be honest Laura’s entire ‘Written Collection’ is divine, for me who isn’t a lover of gold it is perfect as you can get all the designs in sterling silver, and if you are after a bargain it is also cheaper. This XOXO ring is £59 if you go for the 18ct Gold Plated ring, but in Sterling Silver it is only £39.

Another stand-out piece is also this Star, not only is it cute, but come on this beauty will go with everything and stars don’t really ever go out of fashion do they!!! I love how much of the collection is perfect for the pinky finger, I love rings on my little finger but plain bands are boring and OTT large ones are too much, these are perfection.

As well as cute rings the collection also features necklaces, bracelets, and these cool hoop earrings, yes I am loving the 80s vibe with the gold hoops. I love the Love and Peace ones, but you call also get Pussy Galore or how about some flirty earrings with Call Me on, or if you like you can choose your own phrase.

What I love about Laura Gravestock is how simply the designs are, they have mass appeal, and best of all they are great everyday pieces. I find a lot of jewellery is amazing for being OTT but what everyone wants is something that they can never take off that will go with everything, if like me you are after that, then you will certainly find that in Laura’s designs. Also Laura has recently just been named in the Professional Jewellers Hot 100 list – so I reckon buy up everything now before everyone else catches on – and trust me they will!!!

[Pics: Laura Gravestock]



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  1. November 10, 2012 / 3:27 pm

    how do i buy that “xoxo” ring???