Video Loving: Armani and Rihanna Get Sexy


Seriously only Rihanna could make changing into jeans on the backseat of a car sexy!!! Armani have released a black and white film noir-inspired video shot by Steven Klein featuring their latest celebrity ambassador, Rihanna to celebrate the launch of their new global flagship,

Captured against a backdrop of garage walls and car seats in New York, this is one sexy and sultry flick, but what shines most for me has to be Rihanna’s Skin song as the backing track *need to download NOW!*.

I have to be honest, part of me is wondering whether it could have been any model doing a striptease for this video, I am not sure other than the fab backing track what Rihanna really brought to this, but on the other side I just love the sexy vibe and the drama of what’s in the bag!

What is clear is that it seems that Armani is sticking with its black and white, pull jeans over underwear approach as it is the same concept that previous celeb ambassador Megan Fox was seen doing for her campaign, which I actually preferred.

So which corner are you in RiRi or Foxy?