X Factor: Kelly Rowland Stunning In Corrie Nielsen

Who: X Factor judge Kelly Rowland

Where: At the X Factor result show in London

Wearing: A black sheer high neck Corrie Nielsen blouse from her autumn/winter 2011 collection, teamed with a floor-skimming Elie Tahari skirt,

Verdict: This has to be the first time this season of X Factor that I have got so excited about what Kelly has worn and it is all because she is supporting one of my favourite British-based designers Corrie Nielsen. Don’t get me wrong I have loved the Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Stella McCartney numbers she has worn over the past few weeks, but come on do these brands really need primetime TV coverage? Nope, probably not, but a former Fashion Fringe winner who really does bring couture to London Fashion Week really does deserve to be in the spotlight.

I know that Corrie’s work speaks for itself but I really do hope that by Kelly wearing her blouse it gives her an extra lift that couldn’t happen to a nicer designer, who is so passionate about what she does, she really does deserve this moment.

Also a quick note has to go out to Kelly’s amazing styling team, who really have picked out a great outfit, and generally speaking I don’t think they’ve put together one bad look this season. I know that for some they will be saying this is a safe look for Kelly all in black – but I love the feminine chic vibe of this blouse teamed with the sweeping Elie Tahari skirt. Keep up the great work guys!!!

[Pics: Vogue Twitter/ITV]