Bring On LFW: Sibling Getting Dolled Up With Barbie

I have to admit as soon as I heard that quirky men’s knitwear brand Sibling were teaming up with my favourite doll Barbie for their Sister by Sibling collection for women at London Fashion Week – excited is an understatement.

The label’s design trio – Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery has signed up Barbie to model their collection for their presentation on Saturday, which is going to be amazing as six Barbie dolls will be wearing miniature versions of Sister by Sibling’s autumn/winter 2012 collection. Seriously – OMG – can’t wait!!!

“This is our first experience of working with a supermodel!  Barbie is the consummate professional, punctual and polite,” said Joe Bates, Sibling.

I just know that I am going to want all the tiny pieces for my Barbie’s to wear – I wonder if they are going to release a Sibling x Barbie clothing for dolls collection so I can buy it all up???

**Fingers crossed my invite arrives in time**

[Pic: Sister by Sibling]