Want, Want, Want: Collectable Lanvin Figurine Dolls

I am going to become one of those collect-a-holics that you see on the TV I just know it!!! I have already out grown one room with all my Barbie’s, I have a mountain of postcards and not enough wall space to display them, I have pin badges dotted all over the place, and now I am considering adding these gorgeous hand-painted figurines from Lanvin. But come on how adorable – I love their playful vibe and I am thinking they would work perfectly with my plastic dolls.

What I can gather is that every year there are new Lanvin figurines added to the collection, with some that are uber limited edition, and all come in exclusive Lanvin packaging, fancy – so how much you are asking well prices range from £215 – £435.

I just love how chic they are – I totally want them all – but if I had to choose one I think it would have to be this flowing yellow dress with ribbons – I just love how the flash of yellow pops against her red hair and the hoop earrings – just so much fun. What surprises me for once I didn’t pick out the most expensive my Miss Lanvin Doll measuring 10 inches high will set me back £225 *adding to my birthday wish-list*!!!

I also adore Miss Lanvin 27, how amazing would it be to have a Lanvin dolls house.

[Pics: Lanvin]