Care Package From My Mum

I am very lucky I get regularly parcels in the post from various brands and PRs and each time I get super excited, but the packages that cheer me up the most have to be my care packages from my mum. Every since I moved away from home, which is over 10-years-ago, I have received regular parcels from my mum, featuring little treats that she has picked me up, and this can range from sweeties, toys, stationery, beauty products – basically anything that is cute, fun and just coz!!!

Over the years I have received Barbie stationery, lots of butterfly items, bags, scarves, neon nail varnish, charms, a furry moo cow pad, and my most recent parcels have all included a new pair of gloves that my mum knits, which I adore.

Today’s package actually made me squeal not only does it have a fab pair of gloves – soon-to-be my new favs – it also has a moo cow shaker to add chocolate sprinkles to my milkshakes, the latest version of Got Milk – this time orange cream to join the strawberry and chocolate ones I got last time, and to finish it off on a high a book that details 99 ways to cut, sew, tie and rock a scarf.

Thank you so much Mum!


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  1. Ravenstone
    February 12, 2012 / 9:56 am

    You are such a delight to buy for – it means I get to look for unusual little gifts and of course you are my muse for many of my knitting projects.