Video Loving: MinkPink Has An Animal Attraction

One of my fav Aussie brands, MinkPink has launched its first global viral video, and with the freezing cold weather I thought it was the perfect treat to warm you all up. This is one cool brand but add some cute models, gorgeous clothes, funky flamingo shades, and a few animal masks and balloons and it makes one fun video.

I just love the fusion of colours, textures, and the electric mash-up of the whole viral. I have my eye on a number of pieces especially the bold polka dots, the pinky-purple velvet dress, and that gorgeous blue vest with laser-cut detailing.

Now all I need to ask is any chance the MinkPink girlies can be my pals – they look a lot of fun, oh and how do you reckon I can get myself a tiger balloon???


[Pics & Video:]