Wow, What A Year – Bye 2017…Hello 2018

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So, I’ve written this post about three times now, nothing feels right, I’m worried what you guys will think of me, but you know what, I’ve always kind of treated my blog like therapy, and this is truly how I feel about 2017 – I really can only describe it as the most anxious year on record and one of my best years ever. It really has been a truly topsy-turvy year, full of highs, lows and uncontrollable panic and anxiety, but when I say that it has been my worst year and best year it sounds all kind of wrong doesn’t it. 

You see, the high definitely has to be finding and moving into our ‘Forever House’, there was a moment at the start of the year where I didn’t think we would actually sell ours and miss out on our dream house, thankfully it all came together but seemed to take ages, and then to round it off I had a month of living with a packed house as our move date got switched days before. They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you do and I’m so pleased that I won’t be doing that again!!!

I really thought that my anxiety, which really has been out of control this year, all my coping tools haven’t really worked well, would calm down once the move happened, but I got in a funk about how the house wasn’t ‘Instagram perfect’, yep, I let everyone’s perfect world get me down a little. You see, I do have a gorgeous house, it does however, need a lot of love, it’s a listed building that hasn’t been updated in a while, so it is a slow process. I understand that yet I still seemed to drive my husband crazy with my planning. In the end, we did finish the kitchen, which I can’t wait to share with you all, did a little painting in the snug, got shutters, and we even bought a few cool bits like a vintage dining table and dresser.

Moving has really made me excited about interiors, so you can probably expect a lot more of that over on Fashionista Barbie this year, as we have plans to revamp one of the bathrooms, find the ultimate cosy corner sofa which is becoming an impossible task, find a joiner to put together my walk-in-wardrobe vision, as well as sand the floors, yep the carpet will finally be going, and if that wasn’t enough, I’d love to get my studio sorted – that needs a lot more work as it will mean converting the barn and stables, so maybe I might be adding too much pressure to say it will be done this year. I can’t lie, I’m really excited. 

2017 also saw me leave Cambridge and settle in Kent, I was nervous about the move, I really did love the location of where we were just not the house prices, saying that I couldn’t be happier about being in Kent. I finally have lots of blogging friends close by, so can shoot, giggle, spin ideas with and go to dinner with, while also being super close to London with the high-speed rail links, oh and less than two hours away from Paris, which I intend to make more of this year.

The last six months, anxiety aside, I really have been happy, blogging and working from home can be lonely, I know everyone thinks its free stuff and press trips, but it’s also a lot of time by yourself in front of your computer, and it’s nice to know that less than 15 minutes down the road I have friends who understand. The girls also came over for my little shindig I had with my family before Christmas and it was super lovely, I can definitely see a few dinner parties happening this year, I do love dressing up the house and creating a feast. 

So what will 2018 bring? You know what, I think only more happiness and joy. I really am becoming more comfortable with myself, my non-model figure, my lack of supposed success because I don’t have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, my less than perfect life, as well as my ability to not be able to control every single thing. Here’s hoping that my anxiety takes a break this year, I get to travel more, 2017 with the house move meant I was very homebound, I get to work with more of my favourite brands, and I also, get rid of my fears to actually follow my dreams and to write the novel I’ve been planning. Writing that down on here makes me extra anxious, but in a good way, as I’ve always found you guys my biggest cheerleaders.

I also have big plans for Fashionista Barbie, which I’ll share soon, but rather than a redesign, I did that only last year and I like the look, I want to switch up my content, what I cover, how I shoot it and how I display it. Not just on my blog, but across my other social platforms. I’m interested in video content but I’m thinking more Instastories than Youtube, I just don’t think vlogging is for me. I also want to continue to share amazing content from across the blogging world, you guys took to my Tweets sharing blogs, I want to bring that on to Fashionista Barbie as well, I’m thinking interviews with some of my favourites to inspire you guys, and me. But seriously dolls if there is anything you would like to see this year just tweet, email, DM or send a carrier pigeon my way, as I always love hearing what you guys want to read and watch. 

Oh my, this is a super long post, hope you got down here, only one more thing to say – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Goodbye 2017 – hello dreamy 2018, I think we are going to be great pals.

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