5 Things I Love About Christmas

5 Things I Love About Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Anyone else get really excited at this time of year? I really love everything about Christmas, the lights, the tree, the ugly sweaters, the delicious mountains of food, the gifts, the cheesy movies, and most of all that chance to just sit down with family and relax, and that’s what I’m planning to do for the next few days. So, here is one last post for the year, sharing my five favourite things I love about the festive season. Hard to pick just five but here you go.

Five Things I Love About Christmas

  1. All the decorations. I can’t go by somewhere with twinkly lights without stopping to admire. I just love it all and it has been extra fun this year putting together my house. For me, London does Christmas so well, I love just walking around seeing all the festive window displays and fancy trees, see what it was like last year
  2. Picking the ultimate Christmas Tree. This might be a given, but I truly love Christmas tree shopping, finding that perfect tree, just the right height, good even branches and a great crown at the top, that’s so important and makes my husband crazy each year as I must get him to hold about 50 trees. But we did find the right one and I’m so happy with it, I may have also added a fake one and a potted beauty – yep, I have three trees and I love it.
  3. Relaxing to a cheesy Christmas film. I’ve done numerous posts on my favourite Christmas movies, from my rom-com kind of Christmas choices you know the ones The Holiday and While You Were Sleeping to my ultimate Christmas Eve movie marathon with all the classics such as Miracle on 34th Street and White Christmas. I’m telling you now a Christmas flick can really cheer you up. Plus it’s a great time to munch through a box of chocolates.
  4. Get baking. I love baking at any time of year, but Christmas is extra special – lots of mince pies, cupcakes with fancy decorations on, and even a trifle or two, which I get you isn’t technically baking but you know all counts in my eyes. 
  5. Being with family. I’ve always wanted a full-on family Christmas and this year it is happening, we are hosting – both sides of the family and I can’t wait this forever house deserves a house full of people. We are going to start a few new traditions, like ugly Christmas jumpers, play a few boardgames, have a sing-a-long, laugh at a Christmas movie or two, and eat lots of great food. I simply can’t wait. 

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Thanks so much for supporting Fashionista Barbie in 2017, it really has been an amazing year, and I’m certainly ending on a high, and I can’t wait to share with you all the content I have planned for 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you guys in 2018.