Current Favourites: The November Edition

Current Favourites: The November Edition

I know, I’m a day late with my November favourites, you can blame the poor light, it has been seriously gloomy for the past week, but fear not I’ve decided to purchase a lighting studio set-up so I can do fancy set-ups in the house no matter what the weather. I actually can’t believe I haven’t bought one sooner, so, come the December favourites they will be all shiny, bright and perfect, today not so much, there is only so much lightroom can do!!!

Getting a little off topic aren’t I, back to what rocked in November. OK, so this November didn’t quite rock as much as last year, it is hard to beat two weddings and a honeymoon, but it came close with a first anniversary getaway in Marrakech and a weekend away to Scotland to witness my beautiful friend get married in the woods. Plus, I also got some gorgeous new pieces, from a Mickey Mouse rucksack to discovering The School Of Life, to finally receiving my Tokidoki Barbie Vinyl dolls and falling back in love with Muji.


I’m a sucker for a monochrome bag, add in lots of Mickey Mouse faces, and a bargain £10 price tag and I’m totally sold. I picked this beauty up from Primark, along with the adorable Minnie Mouse coin purse, which I think was about £3. For the bargain price, this rucksack is also great quality pleather, which actually surprised me, and I adore that it has a carry handle so you can carry like a tote. Now I just have to put together a great look to go with it in a style post. 

Bag & Purse: Mickey Mouse Rucksack, Primark // Minnie Mouse Coin Purse, Primark 


I think stationery is going to be a recurring theme in these current favourite posts, I admit it I have a problem, I really can’t resist and these cute notepads are from The School Of Life, an amazing place where you can learn helpful ideas regarding work, relationships, friendship and anxiety, as well as having a great shop. I was introduced to the school through Knomo, you know the guys who made that fabulous Elektronista Clutch I adore, as they’ve launched a collaboration of Emotional Baggage luggage tags, which just seem too pretty to hang on my case. 

Can we get back to these cool notepads, they do lots of different sets from Feminists to English Modernist, but there was something about the Pop Art collection that just called out to me, probably because Warhol, Caulfield, and Lichtenstein were in the most beautiful colours. The only problem is that they are just too pretty to use!!!

Stationery & Luggage Tag: Set of 3 Pop Art Notepads, The School of Life // Emotional Baggage Luggage Tag, Knomo x The School of Life (c/o) //


Monsoon has launched its first premium eau de parfum, Rose Gold, and it is simply beautiful. Everything from the fact the bottle is modelled on one of Monsoon’s signature dresses to the romantic and uplifting, intoxicating floral scent that has roses at its heart with base notes of Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber. It’s one of those scents that I think everyone will adore, it is simply fresh and modern, with a wonderful floral kick, which apparently is down to the addition of balsamic. The fragrance also comes in three sizes 30ml, £24, 50ml, £29 and 100ml, £35, so as well as smelling great it is also affordable. 

Staying with smelling good – my next current favourite has to be Muji’s range of tin candles, these little beauties are only £3.50 each and they really create a relaxing ambience in my office, especially when I have a deadline looming. My favourite has to be the vanilla, it is fresh and sweet but not overpowering, while the elderflower has a delicate floral scent that remind me of summer that I love especially when it is freezing and miserable. 

Smelly things: Monsoon Rose Gold eau de parfum, 100ml (c/o) // Vanilla Tin Candle, Muji // Elderflower Tin Candle, Muji (c/o) 

Jewellery is important to me, I feel a little bare if I leave the house without at least one, or two bracelets, I’m constantly changing my watch, and I’m currently a little obsessed with stud earrings. When it comes to bracelets Astley Clarke is one of my favourite places, I love that they use the brightest colour gems, I adore their yellow gold, and they look great stacked together or worn separately. This one is from the brand’s new elements collection, which I had the pleasure of seeing at their press day, and I fell in love with the vibrancy of the stones. 

Bracelet: Elements bracelet, Astley Clarke (c/o) 


The cutest of this month’s favourites has to be my limited edition Tokidoki Barbie Vinyl dolls, aren’t they just so adorable? There are 12 in the series and it is a blind box offering, well that is unless you buy them through eBay like me as I couldn’t seem to find them anywhere else here in the UK. Of course I want them all, but these two were a must, the anniversary Barbie with pink hair and her cute Tokidoki dog and the Malibu Barbie. They are only a couple of inches high, but I’m obsessed, they are so fun and cute. Fingers crossed I manage to find them all. 

Dolls: Tokidoki Barbie Vinyls, via eBay.