AW12: A Closer Look At Pringle Of Scotland

One of my favourite shows at London Fashion Week was Pringle of Scotland, which kind of surprised me, known for its traditional twin-sets I loved that Alistair Carr really mixed it up and showcased a fresh approach from the British heritage brand, and in my opinion made it very cool.

Not only did the show have one of the best front rows because Rose Byrne was on it, but I loved its Clueless-meets-school girl vibe with the bright pink jumpers, pleated skirts, and best of all I adored all the coats, but what the press day showed me was how amazing not only the intricate knits are, but also that Pringle of Scotland need to release the amazing footwear – the can heels are insane and I love them!!!

The shoes were the highlight of the re-see mainly because the rugged can heels worked perfectly with the creative touches of the collection, especially against the tube-knit dresses and jumpers, and the pops of colour on the collars. Simply divine and who thought that a can of beans could look so sexy. I need these navy and maroon ankle boots, they would the ultimate AW12 winter boot for me.

This mustard knit dress is one of my favourite pieces, not only is the colour autumn personified but I love the crazy tubing, which I so want to try on to see if it is actually as flattering as it looks.

The coats are still high-up on my wishlist – I love the combination of the peach woolly collar against the navy – so chic, I think I might not eat all summer just to afford it when it comes out!!!

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