Microsoft Dinner: The View From Paramount

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive dinner with Windows UK at The Paramount, which is located at the summit of the Centre Point, and it had the most incredible views of London, granted my BB snap doesn’t do it justice but it was amazing. I was invited by Microsoft with a selection of fashion bloggers to see their spring/summer 2012 collection, crazy right that even technology companies are working the fashion calendar, but the collection features all the new laptop releases.

The night was fun and we even got into a discussion on what Microsoft could do to make them more fashionable, which was an interest debate, some bloggers got quite heated on the subject. I get what Microsoft are trying to deal with the continuing onslaught from Apple, but come on do people buy laptops because it is in a seasonal colour? I think they probably don’t, I think variety is a good idea as come on black laptops are boring, but for me I go for the tech spec of the machine and then see if they have more colours, not the other way round.

Other suggestions were for Microsoft to sponsor fashion week and to team up with an established designer on a collection to get them more fashion focused. Great ideas but I am not sure whether the masses would care that Microsoft are sponsoring the computers at fashion week, and I think designer collections would work more on accessories that laptops are people have them generally for more than a season and people don’t want to get bored of it. I do like the idea that Microsoft wants to get more involved in fashion, my suggestion would be to sponsor emerging talent, put some of their resources behind a star for the future.

What do you think Microsoft could do to be more fashionable? Or better still do they need to be?