Cannes 2012: Lana Del Rey In A Moschino Tuxedo With Chopard Jewels

Who: Singer and Mulberry’s latest muse Lana Del Rey

Where: At the Thropée Chopard Party in Cannes

Wearing: A custom-made slim-flitted, cream, crepe-silk Moschino tuxedo, teamed with cream sandals, gold clutch and Chopard jewellery

Verdict: I am still not 100% sold on Lana Del Rey, I get that she is super talented, has gorgeous hair *which I love*, and generally speaking all the fashion crowd love her, but I just don’t get her. At the Met Gala she went for a Gothic vibe in a cape, at the opening ceremony at Cannes her black Alberta Ferretti was refined and elegant, and now we have this quirky tuxedo.

Don’t get me wrong I like that she is mixing it up, and it is nice to see something other than a gown at Cannes, but all I can’t concentrate on in this look as my eyes are completely drawn to that incredible Chopard necklace, which is seriously insane.

[Pics: courtesy of Moschino]