Beauty Product Review: Gillette Venus ProSkin Line

A few weeks back a lovely care package arrived from Gillette filled with goodies from Venus razors to shaving gel, as well as some delicious tea, a relaxing candle, and the cutest notebook from Liberty’s to promote their new Venus ProSkin line.

I have to own up now I have always been a Venus girl, I cheat occasionally in the summer months with a leg wax, but generally speaking I have a razor in both bathrooms at all times – one sits permanently in the shower and the other by the bath. When thinking about testing out the new products I went through my bathroom cupboard to see how many different varieties of Venus razors I had, and I was surprised to find five of them, each one a different colour, yes I am attracted by pretty packaging!!!

In my pack was the new Venus ProSkin MoistureRich (blue) and Venus ProSkin Sensitive (green) razors, as well as the Venus SatinCare Pure & Delicate shaving gel, which was amazing. I tried out both razors, and I promise I am not doing before and after shots of my legs, but I found both were great to use, but I found they preformed differently dependant on whether I was in the shower or bath.

If you generally just shave your legs and underarms in the shower I would totally recommend the Venus ProSkin MoistureRich razor with its 3 blades and its built-in shaving gel bars. First up, I was a little dubious to its claims that you don’t need separate shaving gel because of the moisture bars, so I tried this and I surprised with the results, the blades glided brilliantly over the skin and I even found my dry legs smoother, which generally doesn’t happen after shaving. Plus not having to apply shaving gel really did cut down the time in the shower by a good five mins, which is always good in a rush situation!!! The razor pack also comes with a tiny sucker to place in your shower cubicle, so it doesn’t stick to the shower tray or get in the way.

However, if like me you are also partial to a long soaky bath then I would recommend also going for the Venus ProSkin Sensitive, which with its 5 blades did make for the better shave, but the MoistureRich was just easier and quicker to use in the shower with its no shave gel needed. I have sensitive skin so using this razor was a dream, I loved the enhanced lubricating strip, which was much better than my previous Venus razor, it just felt easier to shave. I also found that this razor resulted in a closer shave meaning I didn’t need to shave my legs as quickly.

I did use both razors with the Venus SatinCare Pure & Delicate shave gel, but I have to be honest I don’t think the MoistureRich needed it, however using it meant that my skin was a lot softer. The other plus point was that unlike other shaving gels this one is specifically designed for sensitive skin so didn’t irritate me *I do come out in a rash with some own-label brands*.

If I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be the Venus ProSkin Sensitive, but I have to admit my cleansing herbal tea and relaxing candle-lit bath did help some what with that decision as both razors were amazing.

Have you tried out the new line? I would love to know what you thought of the new razors.

Venus ProSkin MoistureRich razor with two cartridges is £10.99; Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor with one cartridge and one showerpod is £9.99; and the Venus SatinCare Pure & Delicate shave gel is £3.29.

**Even though Gillette sent me samples to try from the new range, it was my choice to feature on my blog, and all opinions are my own.**