Pre-Fall 2012: Elie Saab’s Balada A Paris Short Film

I love a fashion film, I love gorgeous sequinned gowns, add Paris and Elie Saab into the mix and I am seriously in love!!!

Known for chic evening gowns worthy only for the red carpet and major award shows Elie Saab has produced an elegant film, Balade a Paris to showcase the pre-fall 2012 collection, which has just hit stores.

This film walks in the footsteps of the Elie Saab woman taking in her endless elegance from day to night, and brings with it all the glamour and exquisite craftsmanship that Elie Saab is known for. What I adore about this short film has to be the close-ups of the dress details showing off the designers use of beads, sequins, lace and cut-outs, especially the gorgeous red-sequinned gown.

I just love the intimate feel of the film, that it has totally made me want more and I can’t wait to see some of this looks hitting the red carpet.

[Pic/Film: Elie Saab]