Dusk Until Dawn: My HTC Adventure Around East London

Last week when the sun was blazing and before I was gripped with Olympic fever I went on an incredible walking tour around East London with the lovely HTC team and renowned photographer and film-maker Poppy de Villeneuve to test out the incredible HTC One S. I have learnt with experience that anything HTC do is generally amazing, they have a unique ability to showcase their phones to perfection, last year I went with the brand to New York for an inspirational tour, which showcased the technology firms people-watching customisation skills, well my fun night searching out the wonders of East London was the perfect way to test the new HTC One mobile, which boasts one of the best cameras on the market.

I am not going to go into too much of a review of the HTC One series, that is to come in a separate post, this blog is all about the incredible pictures that I snapped, yes all the pictures and videos in this post were taken, edited and shared via the HTC One S – basically I used all the filters, which are very similar to Instagram and I used the very easy to use pre-installed photoshop editing tools.

The tour, part of the HTC Dusk Until Dawn project, was full on inspiration, tons to see, tons to snap and it all started off at the incredible Pitfield London, which I hadn’t been to before but I adored. I am probably not going to give it justice with my gushing but the only way I can easily describe it is as an eclectic emporium mixing divine crockery, mix-match furniture, vintage finds as well as a seriously tasty cafe – the cakes were insane. I didn’t have a lot of time to snap, trust me I will be going back, but I took a few piccies of the amazing straw motorbike and the cute crockery – I really could have spent all night in there!!!

From Pitfield Street we wandered to Hoxton Square to see the weather art installation and to snap the sun worshippers taking up every bit of grass, it must have been amusing seeing our little group all wielding the same mobile ready to snap the action!!!

What caught my attention the most on the walk had to be all wonderful street art, regular readers to my blog will know I love a bit of graffiti if it is done well take my post from the French town of Augouleme, and snapping the creativity from East London made me think I was in New York with the large murals on the side of buildings. This is when my smartphone really comes into its own, granted a normally camera may take a better picture, but for me street art is spontaneous and I love how mobiles allow you to capture it with ease.

I tried out most of the camera functions from the continuous shooting to the portrait settings, and everything in between from the zoom, which is made easy with the large touch screen, to the very easy to use panoramic, and the low light setting, which basically inspired the Dusk Until Dawn project – the below sunset was shot on the low light and I think it captures it perfectly.

The HTC One also captures moving imagery very well, take the flame thrower that we met on our travels, this image came from one of the videos I took – yes you can snap while you record. It was also the perfect setting to test out the slow-motion setting on the video – see below I will certainly be using that more at fashion week.

What was amazing about this tour, other than being impressed with the HTC One S, had to be discovering East London an area I am definitely not cool enough for. I love all the back alley bars where the cool kids spilling out onto the road, the love fence opposite Shoreditch Station inspired by the Paris love bridge, the views over the city, and having a behind-the-scenes tour at tailors Timothy Everest, who has dressed both David Cameron and David Beckham was a real highlight.

I am not saying that a smartphone can replace my beloved Olympus Pen, what I am saying is that you shouldn’t comprise with photo quality while on the move. I an addict when it comes to snapping on the move, I took nearly 200 pictures over the course of the evening, not all amazing but there are some really incredible snaps that I plan to get printed. What I took away from the really fun night out with HTC is that creativity needs to be shared and this phone really helps me do that.

Fancy taking part in Poppy’s HTC My Life: Dusk Until Dawn photography competition and win a chance to see the Northern Lights? Well all you need to do is simply upload a photo taken on your smartphone from your city between the hours of dusk and dawn relevant to the weekly theme to @htc_uk using the hashtag #DuskUntilDawn. Find out more about the competition here.

Want to check out more of my images from the East London tour? Head on over to my Facebook Page.

**Big thanks to HTC UK, Fever PR and Poppy de Villeneuve for an amazing night.**