Beauty: Testing The Venus Naked Skin

gillette-naked-skin-1For us girlies hair removal is a huge thing, whether you opt for waxing or shaving it is still a hassle, so when Gillette asked if I wanted to test out their new at-home Intense Pulsed Light gadget designed by Braun, the Gillette Venus Naked Skin – I have to be honest I jumped at the chance.

I haven’t considered IPL hair removal before, mainly because I was sure it is was going to hurt, and secondly it is a lot more expensive than buying a razor, using an epilator, or having my legs waxed at a salon. The Gillette Venus Naked Skin system isn’t cheap, currently it is £329.99 on Amazon, but it claims to effectively treat unwanted hair with a noticeable reduction in as little as six treatments.


I don’t want to get too technical, but the device emits controlled, consistent light energy, which is enabled by a specially formulated V Activating Gel that helps to put the hair root to sleep – equalling smooth skin. Like with any hair removal you have to keep it up, but with IPL you don’t have to do every other day like with a razor, or wait until the hair is long enough to wax, you just have to do one treatment every two weeks for the first two months, and then just once every two months to maintain.

So is this the hair removal for you? Well I am a currently testing and I am already super impressed, and I will be doing a video blog on my experiences next month, but before you head out and buy make sure you compare your skin tone as the system is only suitable for lighter skin tones. Plus I have found after just a few uses that this is a device for organised people as you need to keep on top of the initial treatments, something to consider before investing.


To give you more insight into the device I found this video on how to use the Gillette Venus which is very handy.

Check back in January for my video blog on how I have been getting on with the Gillette Venus Naked Skin – I am currently circling in the next treatments into my diary!!!