When Great Hair Makes An Outfit

When Great Hair Makes An Outfit

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There is something about having great hair that not only gives you a confidence boost but it makes an average outfit look stunning. Without the big curl-bomb hair I’m not even sure I would have featured this denim skirt, black shirt, bomber jacket look, it’s a little casual, but add the big hair, sunshine and the Piccadilly location and it makes for a great outfit post, which really is all because of the great hair day.

It’s weird how much great hair can change my mood, my confidence, and even my general outlook, I don’t know about you but it really does make me happier, and I instantly feel prettier, oh how vain I am. But hey don’t we all need a little boost from time-to-time!!!


Maybe it is the pampering process of having my hair done, it’s always such a treat to get glammed up by a professional, and the team at Mark Hill as part of the BAFTA TV Style Suite, more to come on that next week, were amazing and it felt wrong to waste these amazing curls. You see when you have as much hair as me, which is poker straight, I have no chance of doing these curls unless I have an hour or two to spare, and it certainly wouldn’t hold in my hair as well. So when I get the curly hair I have always dreamed of I have to make full use of it. 

Also, don’t you think that curls and sunshine really go together? It wasn’t the warmest of days when we shot this, the bomber I picked up at the Gap Outlet in York was certainly needed, but I’m really loving that the sun is shining at the moment, well, for the most part, I can wait for the heat to catch up.


When the weather is bright but a little cold a denim skirt paired with ankle boots or trainers is my go-to outfit. I know it sounds strange but I can generally cope with bare legs if my feet are covered and warm, it has to be really warm for me to wear toe-barring footwear unless I’m going from car to venue for instance. 

This is one of my favourite denim skirts, I have about seven, all different shades of blue, some with rips, some with zips, some short, some longer, but this ripped up Zara beauty is a go-to piece, which makes it extra sad that it is now a little big. I know, normally that would be a good thing, a great thing in fact because it would mean that I’m actually keeping the weight off that I lost before the wedding, but I love it. This denim skirt really has it all, it is the perfect length, a gorgeous hue of blue, and has just the right amount of distress.

Even with it being a little big I wasn’t going to let that stop me from wearing I just decided instead of the T-shirt I was planning to wear to go for a black shirt, so I could have it tucked in slightly at the front, and loose at the back to hide the ruched denim from the belt-tightening the skirt. The things we have to do to wear our favourite things.

Do you feel extra confident when you are having a great hair day?


My Style: Denim skirt, Zara **very old** // Black shirt, Primark // Bomber Jacket, Gap Outlet // Belt, New Look // Ankle Boots, Quiz (c/o) // Bracelet, Swarovski (c/o) // Watch, Shore Projects (c/o) // Clutch, Knomo (c/o) // Glasses, Glasses Direct (c/o) // Hair by Mark Hill (c/o) // Make-up by MAC (c/o) //



[Pics: thanks Jaclyn from Bumpkin Betty for taking my snaps]