Inspiration: How Hermès Ladies Wear Their Scarves


The addition of a scarf to an outfit is one of my favourite accessories, I might not always master it, and I certainly don’t have a gorgeous Hermès silk scarf in my collection, but while at their Festival des Métiers exhibition in London I couldn’t help but notice how stylish all the Hermès ladies looked.

Whether it was the artisans or their translators, each Hermès woman had an effortless style about them, and the scarf really added an individual flair to their uniformed white shirt. Whether it was worn as a rosette scarf, just simply wrapped around the waist as a belt, tied in a bow, or slung around the neck with effortless chic – I just couldn’t help capture their looks.

I think that the colourful Hermès scarf helps – but I love how a scarf is timeless and suits everyone – I will certainly be trying out some of these looks.

hermes-ladies-scarf-6 hermes-ladies-scarf-5 hermes-ladies-scarf-10 hermes-ladies-scarf- hermes-ladies-scarf-1 hermes-ladies-scarf-4 hermes-ladies-scarf-7 hermes-ladies-scarf-9 hermes-ladies-scarf-11 hermes-ladies-scarf-2 hermes-ladies-scarf-3[Pics: All taken by me, Fashionista Barbie – please don’t use without crediting]


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  1. Yepi Didi
    May 23, 2013 / 4:46 pm

    thanks. it’s so beautiful