Manchester: Living Art At The Manchester Art Gallery


For the Bank Holiday weekend I went home to Manchester for a few days to spend time with my mum and I couldn’t resist checking out one of my favourite places in the city, the Manchester Art Gallery. It may not be as big as galleries in London, but there is a charm about the Manchester Art Gallery that always makes me feel at home, and I have such good memories of going to check out the exhibitions when I was little.

The architecture of the building always blows me away but when I went at the weekend I was treated to a gorgeous display of willow vines, flowers and succulents weaved around the railings of the gallery in celebration of its latest exhibition for an Indian-born, London-based artist Raqib Shaw. Not only did the living art make the gallery look magical and slightly terrifying as though the vines were taking over, but it also stood out as a contrast to the urban modern jungle that now is Manchester city centre and it was nice to see. Even in the rain and gale force winds it was pretty to take in and made the gallery so inviting, and I loved that the floral display to rival the Chelsea Flower Show continued inside.

manchester-art-gallery-15 manchester-art-gallery-2manchester-art-gallery-9 manchester-art-gallery-13 manchester-art-gallery-16 manchester-art-gallery-20 manchester-art-gallery-26 manchester-art-gallery-11 manchester-art-gallery-3 manchester-art-gallery-4 manchester-art-gallery-25 manchester-art-gallery-21

I have to be honest, I am a lover of impressionist like Monet and Renoir, as well as art from the Pre-Raphaelite movement, and paintings by British artists such as John Constable, so I wasn’t aware of Raqib Shaw’s jewel-encrusted work filled with gorgeous landscape displays as well as terrifying monkeys and mythical beasts.

That is what I have always loved about the Manchester Art Gallery, as when I was growing up I would always find something new I loved, and this amazing artist is one to keep an eye out in the future as the embellished elements to his art was simply exquisite, I took a few snaps of my favourite pieces below on my HTC One but they don’t show off the jewels, the glitter or even the vibrant colours.

I am just so glad I caught this exhibition on its final weekend.

It would be lovely to see more floral displays in our city centres – I think it would certainly make the lack of sunny weather easier to handle!!!manchester-art-gallery-22 manchester-art-gallery-24 manchester-art-gallery-23[Pics: Taken by me, Fashionista Barbie]