Canon PowerShot N Experience: Perfecting My Cupcake Decorating Skills


The past few weeks I have been reviewing the unconventional, fun, and very dinky Canon PowerShot N, and it has fast becoming my go-to camera on the move instead of my mobile, due to its Instagramable size, its creative shot function, and its WiFi connectivity.

When the guys at Canon asked me to try it out they didn’t just send me the camera and leave me to it, know the team organised for me to experience the camera doing something inspired by Instagram feed – baking – and sent me off to perfect my cupcake decorating skills at a class in Notting Hill, while capturing my results with the camera.

While I might be confident baking a cake, cookies and cupcakes, the decorating part has always terrified me a little so this class was perfect to boost my confidence and show me how easy it actually is. I am a huge fan of buttercream and cream cheese frosting and it was good to finally learn how to perfect the techniques – from simple swirls to the ice gem effect and even creating a pretty rose, and then having fun with the glitter, sprinkles, hearts and lip decorations to finish them off.

I have to be honest I was pretty impressed with my results, not just of my cupcake decorating but also of the quality of the camera pictures, and just looking through these piccies has made me not only want to bake and try and see if I can still frost to perfection, but also hungry!!!

canon-powershotn-cupcake-10 canon-powershotn-cupcake-12 canon-powershotn-cupcake-1 canon-powershotn-cupcake-15 canon-powershotn-cupcake-13 canon-powershotn-cupcake-14

The ease at which you use the Canon PowerShot N is why it is such a great camera for on the go, you literally hold it any way up, you can tilt the screen to capture a unique shot, and then when you are all set up you touch the screen to snap – it really is that simple. Of course there is much more to this camera than just Auto mode, which I will show you in a full review of the camera in a later blog, but for capturing your baking, your DIY or even inspiration while out-and-about this camera is perfect – plus these shots were all taken without the flash and in a not so well-lit room and the quality is amazing.

One of the most innovative and fun functions has to be the ‘Creative Shot’, which simple takes one shot and generates it into five creative images – whether adding a filter effect such as black and white, cropping it in an unusual way, or making the image look over exposed, while keeping the original shot. I just like the fact it gives you options without having to technically do anything.

To demonstrate the feature I took some of my cupcakes and it generating some interesting results. The next three shots generated from the fairly boring shot off all four cupcakes at the very bottom – I really like the close up off the lip decorations, which went down well on my Instagram feed as it adds a different dimension to the cupcake.

canon-powershotn-cupcake-2 canon-powershotn-cupcake-4 canon-powershotn-cupcake-5canon-powershotn-cupcake-16So what do you think – do my cupcakes look good enough to eat? 

canon-powershotn-cupcake-9 canon-powershotn-cupcake-7

**Thanks to Canon for sending me the camera to review and my cupcake class – all views on the camera are my own**