GFW 2013: Textiles Awards Winner – Kirandeep Bassan


There were so many collections I loved at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week and one of my favourites had to be Northampton University’s Kirandeep Bassan, who produced a beauty collection of brightly coloured screen-printed creations.

It was these stand-out prints, inspired by “finishes of objects like rusting metals” and “peeling paints” mixed with her draped silhouettes, that scooped her the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award and I am so pleased that she did as her collection of royal blues, burnt oranges and yellows really was a highlight of the night.

For me this collection stood out not just because of the bold colours, which really did look more vibrant than my pictures allow, but also for the bold silhouettes, I just adored the draped and layered effect of the pieces, as well as the paint stroke designs on the prints, and that the print work continued onto the shoes.

As well as being bold, this collection is commercial as well, I can see some of these pieces doing really well and I have to be honest I would wear a paint splattered scarf in a heart beat!!!

GFW-kiranseep-bassan-22 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-3 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-16 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-15 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-5 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-19 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-11 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-20 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-13 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-7 GFW-kiranseep-bassan-1