GFW 2013: Womenswear Award Winner – Hannah Williams


What I loved about this year’s Graduate Fashion Week Gala & Awards show was the variety in the collections from the inspiration, the techniques and the innovative use of unconventional materials. One of the most innovative collections had to be UCA Epsom’s Hannah Williams who won the Womenswear Award for her moulded dresses.

Created with silicone, Hannah embossed and imprinted her unique collection of dresses with pearl necklaces, belts and even made a cast of a coat over a dress, but I think my favourite piece has to be the handbag. When it came down the runway I didn’t appreciate the wearable latex collection fully, but looking back at my pictures I realised how innovative the use of the material was and how intricate each piece was.

Commenting on Hannah’s collection, the judges which included designer Todd Lynn, Net-a-Porter’s Holli Rodgers and Cathy Edwards from Dazed & Confused said:

“We thought that Hannah’s collection was extremely original very photogenic, modern and innovative using great new techniques in fabric innovation which can be seen through accessories and shoes.  Overall the nominations were very accomplished and of a very high standard.”

I can see why Hannah went picked up two gongs for the collection – one for overall womenswear collection and one for innovation. I can’t wait to see more from Hannah.

Would you wear her latex moulded dresses?

GFW-hannah-williams-1 GFW-hannah-williams-8 GFW-hannah-williams-10 GFW-hannah-williams-2 GFW-hannah-williams-9 GFW-hannah-williams-13 GFW-hannah-williams-14 GFW-hannah-williams-16 GFW-hannah-williams-11GFW-hannah-williams-3


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  1. Fashion Follows Her
    June 8, 2013 / 12:23 pm

    What a quirky collection. I love the bags.