GFW 2013: Menswear Award Winners – Shauni Douglas & Olivia Creber


One of the most memorable collections at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week Gala & Awards show had to be the combined talents of menswear designer Shauni Douglas and jewellery designer Olivia Creber both from Edinburgh College of Art, who scooped the menswear prize for their heritage street wear mash-up collection featuring incredible mouthpiece beards.

I don’t normally cover menswear but this collaborative collection, which merges Douglas’ ‘When the Gentleman Rider Met the Urban Cowboy’ collection, inspired by the urban horse-riders of inner-city Philadelphia, and Creber’s ‘Veni, Vici’ jewellery collection, stood out as one of the most innovative collections of the night.

What I love other than the visual aspect of the beards, come on they are a talking point, has to be the heritage fabrics fused with Persian references in the kaftan-style tops, and the layering of the pieces makes it modern and fresh.

Commenting on the unique collection, model and one of the judges David Gandy said:

“From concept to catwalk the quality and finish of this collection was of an exceptionally high standard. Shauni and Olivia demonstrated an ability to play with proportion which is most unusual for BA graduates This collection showed a really strong visual concept and superb craftsmanship our vote was unanimous!”

I am not an expert of menswear, but I have to say this year’s Graduate Fashion Week really did have a high calibre of menswear designers and Shauni Douglas is definitely a name for the future.

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