Video Loving: Prada ‘Real Fantasies’ AW13

Prada real Fantasies,prada,video,fashion film,fashion

Only Prada could mix a sophisticated domestic setting, an adorable cat, and glamorous clothes to create a trippy film-noir version of daily life that leaves me completely confused but wanting more.

This is the latest in the brand’s ‘Real Fantasies’ series, and it is just as surreal and quirky as the last, mixing together live action models with collage and hand-drawn shapes to showcase both the women’s and men’s autumn/winter 2013 collections.

As well as loving all the gingham, the leather jackets and thick waist belts, there is a spooky element to the film that I love with the models ending up in the TV and in pictures on the wall, but surely the best bit has to be the kitty that just appears from nowhere!!!

What do you think of the Prada ‘Real Fantasies’ fashion film?