Barbie: Roksanda Ilincic’s 3D Barbie Dreamhouse


When you think Barbie’s Dreamhouse – you think pink, lots of pink, beach fronted property in Malibu, and generally a bit more pink – well London Fashion Week designer Roksanda Ilincic, who also studied architecture, has created my favourite doll a new look dreamhouse that is a little eerie and very edgy.

Ditching the girlie, the Roksanda Ilincic Barbie Dreamhouse is a total contrast, think metal, concrete and a little spooky. The feminine touches have been replaced with concrete furniture that moulds into the floors, a mysterious rooftop forest, and Barbie’s bedroom is covered in carpet from floor to ceiling.

I love that it is so different to Barbie, it’s edgy and very modern, but I think this dreamhouse would scare a few little girls out there!!!

Also the biggest surprise, after realising there was no pink, there are no mirrors – this is because Roksanda told The Telegraph that her Barbie wasn’t very vain saying: “She proved she can be just as beautiful at 54 as when she was 20, so she doesn’t have any need to be vain.”


Take a tour around Roksanda Ilincic’s 3D vision of what Barbie’s new dreamhouse should look like:

So what do you think of Roksanda Ilincic’s Barbie dreamhouse?

[Pics: Showstudio]