Dear Diary: Confessions Of A Tea Addict

tea,Whittard of chelsea,whittards,alice in wonderland,crockery,

 tea,Whittard of chelsea,whittards,alice in wonderland,crockery,I am an addict, a tea addict, I can calmly say it, and it does feel good to get it off my chest, but you know even though I have already had five cups today, I know that I am not going to stop, I like being a tea addict.

I don’t have many vices, I don’t really drink anymore, I don’t do drugs, I’ve given up on the fizzy stuff, cola not champagne, and dairy and me have come to an understanding, I just have milk when it comes with a good cuppa. For me, tea is calming, it is something to break up the long stretches in front of the computer, and in this weather it keeps me warm, plus you can’t collect pretty bone china teacups and teapots without a love for tea.

As well as being a vintage hoarder, I’m always on the lookout for new beauties, I can’t go by Whittard without looking at what they have in, plus I love their teas, from the classics to the more obscure, I have just discovered a love for rose tea, so you can imagine my glee when the brand kindly sent Paulie and I a wedding present featuring pieces from their Alice in Wonderland collection.


I love fun and quirky and this collection features illustrations based on those done by John Tenniel depicting the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Lewis Carroll’s wonderful children’s book, Alice in Wonderland. The mix and match range features a selection of mugs of Alice, the rabbit and the Mad Hatter, ones with key handles, which I love, or colourful contemporary designs, as well as a teapot, Drink Me Tea selection including my favs English Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Earl Grey, and I noticed on my last visit a chocolate bar selection. Basically, everything you would need to host your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

There is something special about this collection, whether it is the fact that Alice in Wonderland is perfectly matched with a tea set, or the detailed illustrations and quirky touches with the key handle. I have to be honest, I know I was gifted this product, but this really is a great gift, and I would totally recommend to anyone who also has a tea addict in their life, especially as the range starts from £10 for a mug to £35 for the teapot.

I wonder if I am more addicted to tea or the pretty tableware. Also, whether my husband knows that it is my goal in life to fill every corner of our house with pretty bone china teacups and teapots – here’s hoping he doesn’t divorce me on reading this!!!

Do you like Whittard’s Alice in Wonderland tea collection?

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  1. January 30, 2015 / 3:13 pm

    I spotted these recently in Whittard, they’re lovely! Definitely a tea addict too – matcha is my current vice.

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