Introducing: Village England – Handbag Brand

Introducing: Village England – Handbag Brand

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I love discovering new handbag brands, because there is no such thing as too many bags, and I love it, even more, when it is discovered through the power of social media from a great conversation, and I adore it even more when the brand is British. So let me introduce Village England, a new-ish British accessories brand that is on the quest to design the perfect bag and I think looking at the autumn/winter 2015 collection they have cracked it. 

What I love about this label, other than the fab styles, has to be the passion of the founders, Eddie Knevett, the former head of accessories at department store House of Fraser, and Julia Dobson, the former UK boss for LVMH-owned French brand Céline, who both really just want to make quality bags that are not only functional but also fashionable, oh and I have to say I love that they like me love pockets!!!

I kindly got a preview of their up-coming AW15 collection and I basically fell in love with everything, from their use of the dreamiest full-grain natural leather, it is that sort of leather that you just know is going to age beautifully, to the little details such as the stirrup buckle and the fact that each bag is named after a village in England. 

The collection is huge – you have everything from cute mini cross-body bags in an array of gorgeous colours to slouchy bucket bags that will carry everything and even classic totes. The beauty isn’t just in the styles, the colours or the quality, but also, the fact that the majority of Village England’s bags sell for less than £300, which when you feel them you will understand is a bargain. 

The brand also has a cute ‘Made in England’ collection, which is dreamy, a little more expensive than the other pieces, but hey dreamy doesn’t come cheap!!! 

It is hard to pick a favourite from the new collection, I love the stirrup detailing on the cross-body styles and pouches that red saddlebag beauty has to be mine, but I think the styles I loved most had to be the cracked mirrored leather ones. I don’t think my photos do this beauty justice, but it comes in a rucksack **want**, a tote **want**, a cross body pouch that has a detachable strap to turn it into a clutch **want** and a gorgeous bucket bag **surprise, I also want**. What surprised me the most, not that I liked the finish, I am a magpie I like anything shiny, but how soft it was, you look at it and think it will be rough, maybe because it looks like broken glass, but it is the complete opposite and basically it meant I loved it even more. 

What I think Village England does beautifully, other than the quality, has to be the fact they have considered all ages, I think there is something that would grab the attention of most women, yet they haven’t strayed away from their core values of making a bag that is functional yet pretty, because let’s be honest no one is going to buy a bag that is ugly yet practical. I do love a brand that isn’t afraid of colour, as yes we all love black handbags, but we also want bright beauties as well. 

Have you discovered Village England yet? I would love to know your thoughts on the British brand.

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