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hair heroes,hair products,hair,long hair,beauty,beauty bloggerOne of my goals for 2015 is to feature more beauty on Fashionista Barbie, now don’t get too excited I won’t be bringing you make-up tutorials, but I will be sharing some of my favourite products, new items that have me excited, as well as tips and tricks from the professionals, I have already lined up a great expert panel covering hair, body and make-up. So first up we have my hair heroes, which basically covers everything a girl with long hair will need to make their locks look healthy, shiny and perfect for styling. It seems a lot of products, but my favourite products are more than just about washing my hair, I’ve also included treatments and styling protectors that I like to keep on rotation. 


These four products are the ultimate hair heroes, they are basically the items that I can’t live without, and trust me they are worth the cost. 

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

These beauties are my favourite shampoo and conditioner, but sadly they cost a little more than standard products, with the shampoo setting you back £16.55, while the conditioner is £17.25, but the good thing is the 250ml bottles will last you a good 6 months if you don’t use it every day and alternate with your other shampoos. 

The products are really good for repairing chemically damaged hair, so whether you colour your hair or use a lot of heated products this range will be brilliant for you as the argan oil and keratin will help restore damaged hair.

I think it depends on how damaged your hair is to how often you used these products, at the start I opted for every other shampoo for the first two weeks, then I went down to once a week, and now after around nine months of use around once or twice a month. 

There is something about the formula being sulphates, phosphates and parabens that I love, plus who doesn’t want super soft and shiny hair. 

Tip: Don’t use too often, and don’t apply too much go for around a 10p size worth.

Moroccanoil Treatment

I was using this leave-in treatment before discovering the shampoo and conditioners and, to be honest, I don’t use it nearly as much as I did, but I do find that it is still great to add an instant silky finish and shine to my hair especially when I am going out or when my hair has been over-styled. 

Tip: Buy the small version as a trial first, use only a small amount and I prefer to use on damp hair, I just don’t see the same results when my hair is dry.

Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner

This is by far my daily favourite when it comes to a leave-in conditioner, again a little pricey £6.50 for a 59ml bottle, this large 236ml version is £16.90, but you don’t need a lot just four to six sprays throughout your hair and it leaves it easier to comb through.

If like me you have long hair – detangling is painful and time-consuming, with this spray which has a special protein complex and UV protector, you will be surprised with how easier it is to sort your locks out. 

Tip: Towel dry hair first, then spray to the bulk of your hair, I tend to only do the ends


Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo & Conditioner For Normal Hair

Much more budget friendly, I love the Toni & Guy salon collection of hair care and thank you Boots for always having them on offer, currently two for £10, or £6.49 each. 

The first thing you will love about these beauties will be the smell, they have a fruity punch to them, which will stay with your hair all day, another plus point in my book. I also love that it is a creamy texture, I find it makes it easier to not over apply and lather up.

This range comes in Dry, Fine Hair, and Damaged hair, I expect that they are all just as good as this one, they really do nourish and cleanse for everyday use.  

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Percy & Reed Heat Protect Styling Mist

I don’t overly use my hairdryer unless I have to, I use to do it every day and saw the damage it did to my hair so I have been trying to cut back on my usage of heat products. When I do I use this heat protect styling mist from Percy & Reed, I really like that it adds an amazing gloss and conditioning without a sticky residue that I was getting with similar products. 

Again, it isn’t cheap – £18 for a 200ml bottle, but as I don’t use it every day it really goes a long way, plus I am a sucker for great packaging and I love the cool chick illustrated on the front. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I don’t wash my hair every day, not even every other day, so I use dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh between washes, I find it a real lifesaver, OK so I’m being over dramatic, but I do think that it helps keep my hair in better condition as I don’t wash it as much. 

There are tons of Batiste varieties out there, I have to be honest I have a huge stack of them I have received in goodie bags, so my latest one is this monochrome version, which I quite like as it scented with orange blossom and pepper. 

Tip: Always shake, don’t over apply and make sure you massage through with fingertips before brushing and styling.

Kiehl’s Magic Elixir

If you don’t suffer from an itchy or sore scalp then you can probably just stick with the Moroccanoil Treatment, but if you are like me and the winter months make it sometimes unbearable then you will love this soothing conditioner. Like with the Moroccanoil, it makes your hair shiny and healthier, but its naturally derived oils of Rosemary leaf oil, Avocado oil and Saftflower seed oil also helps to condition, nourish and revitalise the scalp.

At £25 for 125ml, it isn’t an everyday product, but my last bottle lasted me years as I probably use once every couple of months, more if my scalp is dry, but thankfully with the other products, I have been using I haven’t needed it as much this winter. 

Tip: This isn’t  a leave-in product, use a small amount and massage into the scalp and through hair, rest up for 10 minutes or so and then shampoo as normal.

Toni & Guy – Label M Protein Spray

I know I have the heat protect styling mist, which does protect the hair from UV and heat, but I find that the protein spray is for those days when I am not drying my hair with my hairdryer. My hair from time to time needs a protein kick and this beauty evens out the porosity of my hair and makes it thicker and stronger, as well as adding a gorgeous shine to my hair.

When I use this spray regularly I really do see less breakage and split ends and more shine. I mainly use on damp hair, as I think that’s where it gives best results, but I have occasionally used on dry hair for extra shine, just make sure you stick to the strands rather than the scalp. 

Tip: If you want a three-in-one detangler, heat protector and shine spray then this is the one to go for.


As well as products I would also recommend getting your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks, I kind of have to with my fringe as it does get out of control quickly but I also think it improves the quality of my hair having a trim.

I’m also a fan of Head & Shoulders, whether you have dandruff or not their two-in-one shampoos and conditioner are perfect for when in a rush, just add a leave-in conditioner treatment for extra protection.

The final piece of advice is to rotate all your favourites if I use a product every day my hair gets too used to it I don’t see the benefits, plus I think this means you can mix in cheaper products with your investment pieces.

What are your hair heroes?


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