Postcard From Heysham, Lancashire

Postcard From Heysham, Lancashire

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Today is International Day of Happiness and it got me thinking about what makes me happy, the list is pretty long, I’m quite content at the moment. So we have the usual suspects, my husband, of course, family and friends, flowers, I’m obsessed with filling the house with gorgeous blooms, my stationery stash, I can’t tell you how much joy a new notepad brings me, reading, especially if I’m in a dreamy bubble bath, my kitty monsters, and travel.

I’m not talking just international travel, even though that is also always nice, it doesn’t even have to be somewhere hot, I am a fan of all kinds of trips from city breaks to lounging by the beach to a pampering spa break, but one of my favourite adventures is what my husband and I call our ‘sat nav adventures’, where we just punch in a place and go. 

Last month when back up North at my Mum’s we did just that, we didn’t go far, actually just around the coast and came across a charming seaside village called Heysham in Lancashire. This place even in the cold is so darling, filled with the cutest 17th-century cottages and floral displays, and a perfect view, just be careful you don’t blow away. 

Heysham isn’t big, tiny in fact, but that’s part of its charm. There’s a main high street lined with pretty houses, everyone it seems takes pride in the village with floral displays, there are a few cafes so you can warm yourself up with a cup of tea, or want something stronger then there is a 16th century village pub, but the best bit about this village has to be those amazing view across Morecambe Bay, it is just so tranquil.

Another highlight is Heysham’s Anglo-Viking chapel, I just fell in love with its archway to the sea, just imagine how amazing this building would have looked in all of its glory. There is also a lovely walk around The Barrows, an area of cliffs nearby that is certainly a must for a lovely sunny day. 

I just thought if you were in need of cheering up this Friday afternoon then these postcard pictures from Heysham might make you smile and inspire your own sat nav adventure. If you find somewhere amazing share the love, in one of my many pads I have a list of places I want to visit and I will add all your suggestions in.

How are you celebrating International Day of Happiness? 

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