Summer Ready Legs & Floral Prints

Summer Ready Legs & Floral Prints


The scariest thing about summer dressing has to be that moment when it is too warm to wear tights, jeans, or your favourite tailored trousers, and you actually have to show the world your legs and the effects of months of winter has had on them, which in my case means super dry legs. For me, confidence comes from three areas, whether my hair is doing OK, is my outfit flattering, and the added pressure in the summer whether my legs look toned and fuzz-free, I used to be bothered about them being tanned but I’m really embracing my pasty ways and factor 50! 

So when Braun invited me to a pampering day at the Rosewood London with yummy food, shopping, and a leg makeover by celebrity beautician and Braun ambassador, Nathalie Eleni on the itinerary as part of their Silk-Epil  9 campaign I jumped at the chance, any tips I can get on making my legs summer ready I’m totally there. 


I’ve already gushed about how amazing the Silk-Epil  9 is, since I posted this I’ve used it again and I’m such an epilator convert, it really does make a smoother finish than shaving. Well for our pampering day the Braun device was all about using its fabulous exfoliation head, as Nathalie stressed that regular exfoliation was her biggest tip for evening out skin tone and texture for flawless fuzz-free legs, as exfoliating also helps to eliminate ingrown hairs, meaning hair removal will be easier.

I’m a big fan of exfoliation, I used to use a dry body brush to buff my skin of those dry patches, it used to take a while, and I have to be honest my legs never looked this good afterwards. Nathalie was so knowledgeable about the product, which apparently exfoliates 4x more effectively than a manual treatment alone, I like those odds, and recommends using a couple of times a week. 

So after exfoliating, Nathalie used the device to buff in the moisturiser, apparently it makes for a shinier, silkier finish, and she was right, and then to finish off my leg makeover they were treated to Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse OR dry oil, which added a golden shimmer to illuminate my legs and made them feel super soft. This treatment oil is a little pricey, around £30 but I’m so going to invest in it. 

The second part of the event was about shopping for the ultimate summer-ready look, I of course when for a fit-n-flare dress, I do find this shape-flattering on my body, and as I’m obsessed with the new V&A collaboration collection at Oasis I rushed right there to spend my £100 challenge voucher, and I have to say I was pretty impressed as my look, minus the Cambridge Satchel Company bag, came to £93, and look how pretty that print it is, reworked from an 18th century floral print from the V&A archives. 

I would normally shy away from a light-based print or for that matter a white dress, but I think the pampering and making me feel confident about my legs really helped me embrace something a little different, a lot more summery for me, plus it was so much fun shooting with the fabulous Kris Atomic and Andrew Kendal, and let’s not forget my canine pal, Pearl, who is actually the Rosewood London’s resident pooch, isn’t she a cutie!!!




Want to see more from the day, and see all the other fabulous bloggers involved check out this amazing video:


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[Images: Kris Atomic & Andrew Kendall for The Apartment/Braun]