Canon London Off Limits: Millennium Mills

Canon London Off Limits: Millennium Mills

Photography has always been a passion, long before Fashionista Barbie, and granted I might not always capture the most perfect of shots, and it might even take me three or four attempts, it really is something I enjoy and strive to get better at. For me taking a photograph enhances memories and experience, not just because you can relive them, but seeing them back really brings back everything from the atmosphere, the smells, and even the feeling of rain in the air. There really is an emotional connection with photography and it was fun to get out with Canon and look for different perspectives, angles and chasing the light around a beautiful building. 

I have to be honest this content is probably not right for a fashion blog, but I also use this platform as a diary, and I loved my time discovering the beauty in the derelict Millennium Mills in London that I wanted to share. But it has made me think that maybe another blog, dedicated to my photography is needed, I know crazy right I want to add more work to my plate, but I have so many gorgeous pictures that aren’t just fashion related that would be great to share. Now all I have to do is think of name!!!



This week I donned a hard hat, unfashionable, but super comfortable safety boots, and a high-vis jacket with the Canon gang to explore Millennium Mills, a derelict turn of the 20th-century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock. It was a pretty special visit, not only because I’m a sucker for finding the beauty in anything, but because we were given special access to the site as it undergoes a major multi-million pound redevelopment into a commercial space, which once completed will be a spectacular site. So I’m counting this as my before, and I hope to return in a few years to an after.

For me photography is just a hobby, I’m not a master at settings, I’m more just a try, shoot and adjust, and for this Canon meet-up I was testing out the new Canon EOS M10 compact system camera, which is kind of a rival to the fashion bloggers friend the Olympus Pen. It was the perfect companion to exploring the mills, as it is super light, it felt good not having to lug my SLR up all the stairs, especially the ladder to the roof, and the colour quality of the photos captured really surprised me, so true to colour and with the beauty of this derelict backdrop that was needed. 

Granted I only used this camera for a couple of hours, but I did like the simple controls, well when I knew how to get myself off auto, it’s weird going from mode dial to only touch screen but it is easy to get used to after a little fiddle about through all the menu options. The other benefit has to be the fact you can change the lens, just like an SLR, but without the weight. I was using the kit lens, 15-45mm, which really was great for this urban environment, you don’t want to be too far away from everything, and I think it did a pretty good job at the landscape, sunset shots of the city. But if you do want compact and versatility it is nice to know that the Canon EOS M10 can use the EF-M lens range or access the huge choice of EF and EF-S lenses using optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS M.

This camera is also great from Vlogging, I really would love to test it out more for videos, as the lightweight and large, tilt touchscreen makes it great for those selfie, talk-to-camera times without having to get a tripod. You can use the mobile app to remotely take a picture or video, which for a blogger who can’t always rope my husband into helping would be amazing. I’ve kind of gone into a review, but actually these were just my first impressions of an impressive camera, which I would love to test out on style posts and vlogging. canon-mills-meet-22

I love discovering new places and this section of London was totally new to me, getting over on the DLR was a little mini adventure, but it has inspired me to get out a little more and just discover new places, spontaneity is one of the things I love most about photography, whether I capture it on my smartphone, my SLR or compact camera, I love the art of taking, and sometimes failing to get the photo. 

I really did enjoy my walk around Millennium Mills, I was so thankful that it had rained earlier on the day as there were many opportunities for great reflection shots, which I may have overdone a little, but there is something about capturing a building or person in a puddle of water that instantly makes it more beautiful, well to me at least.

I know this isn’t the normal Fashionista Barbie blog, but I hope that you enjoy these photos that I snapped. Thanks to Canon for organising such a fun afternoon. 

canon-mills-meet-5 canon-mills-meet-3 canon-mills-meet-1




Canon EOS M10 with kit lens 15-45mm is £399.