Fashion Library: A Journey In Style

Fashion Library: A Journey In Style

a-journey-in-style-1Airport style is a fascination of mine, I think it stems from being obsessed with vintage pictures of Pan Am cabin crew. I still get excited every time I travel, I’m the sort of person who gets to the airport early just to people watch, there’s something so glamorous about flying, and I love seeing what everyone is wearing and wondering where the stylish people are heading. The art of airport glamour and style is being celebrated in this adorable coffee table book by Heathrow Airport, A Journey In Style, to mark the completion of its crazy fashion expansion, terminal 5 now has 23 fashion and luxury brands, and I can’t wait to visit on my next trip through the airport.


The ‘A Journey In Style’ book produced by renowned fashion editor Elizabeth Walker features more than 160 stunning images, including some of my favourite icons looking chic in departures and arrivals including Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins, Kate Moss, and even Queen Elizabeth II. Instantly as soon as you pick it up you know it is going to be beautiful as it has one of the most iconic fashion of fashion, Twiggy, on its cover, an iconic image of the sixties model waiting to board a flight to Tokyo in 1967, showing the doe-eyed model sporting her signature pixie crop, wearing a cool outfit and looking utterly glamorous while reading her travel guide. 

There are five fabulous chapters from Stylish Departures with images including Ursula Andress looking chic in white, we have Brigitte Bardot in head-to-toe leathers, and there’s Audrey Hepburn looking immaculate in a Givenchy coat, to Luggage & Luxury section with one of my favourite Joan Collins images with her next to a teetering tower of Louis Vuitton trunks.

One of my favourite sections has to be Runway Ready, high-energy fashion from the cabin crew to the biggest celebrities on the planet, how classy do Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardener look stepping off their flight, sunglasses are the must-have travel accessory. From Runway to Statement Arrivals, making an entrance off a flight isn’t something new for the paparazzi, I love seeing all these vintage shots from the 50s. The final section is dedicated to On Location, showcasing destinations from Rio to Cannes, Venice, California, and Paris. 

The book isn’t just a fashionable buy, perfect for any travel crazy fashionistas, but all the proceeds from ‘A Journey In Style‘ will go to Oxfam, I think you will agree that’s £15 well spent. It really will make a great addition to any fashion library. It has also given me ideas for future airport looks to impress!!!