14 Christmas Things You Can Do Now

14 Christmas Things You Can Do Now

christmas-at-homesense-2I’m a Christmas nut, I love festive cheer, whether it’s cheesy movies, mince pies, pretty decorations, or even playing silly games, there is just something so fun about getting into the spirit of the holidays, and with 38 days **yes I have a countdown** until the big day I’m getting exciting that I thought I would share a fun list of 14 things you can totally do now to feel Christmassy.

  1. Start watching Christmas movies. As soon as Movies24 turns into Christmas24 it is legitimately acceptable to watch as many festive films as you can. November might seem a little early, but come on when isn’t watching Love Actually a good idea? Need more ideas – check out this list of holiday rom-coms, or my ultimate Christmas Eve movie marathon selection. 
  2. Add to your Christmas decoration collection. Granted you probably have a thousand baubles boxed up in the loft, but what’s the harm in adding a few more? I have an addiction, I can’t resist buying Christmas decorations, this year I’m using the fact that the living room, where we place our tree is a different colour, so of course I need new beauties. One of my first stops has to be Homesense, I love their selection, they are always different every time and I do love adding a unique find to my Christmas selection, and best of all the prices are really good.
  3. Pick up a Christmas cup. I know such a blogger cliche, Starbuck holiday cups and Costa Santa red cups are everywhere – but can you blame everyone – not only do they look great in an Instagram snap, but I think the coffee tastes better. 
  4. Check out the window displays. Wandering around the shops just to look at the Christmas window displays is always one of my highlights of the festive season. You are spoilt if you are in London as there is so much to see – from the big luxury department stores Harrods, Selfridges, and Libertys, to the high-end brands who add their own take on Christmas, and then we have the incredible lights of Oxford Street and Regent Street, and the oversized tree at Covent Garden, oh I’m getting excited about my walk around just typing this.
  5. Buy a tin of chocolates. The rest of the year a bar or a bag of chocolates is sufficient, during the festive season only a tin with do, Roses are my favourites, but I wouldn’t say no to Heros or Quality Street.christmas-at-homesense-4
  6. Bake mince pies. I love a mince pie, I love baking them, and I see it as a challenge to eat as many as possible during the festive season and this year I have started early, but they taste so good. 
  7. Get your skates on. Yeah for winter, it means you can wrap up warm and head out onto the ice. I love ice skating, it is even better with friends, and I can’t wait to head down to the Somerset House and Natural History Museum rinks in London. 
  8. Start those wish lists. I do love gift buying and seeing friends and family open their presents, but come on the art of making the ultimate wish list is a challenge in the run-up to Christmas. 
  9. Plan a trip a Christmas market. Taking a trip away to finish off your shopping is not only productive but also fun, what I would suggest is always pick a place that has a great Christmas market. Of course Europe has some of the best – try Berlin, Prague or Vienna. Closer to home, Manchester, Bath, York, Edinburgh or even London, the Southbank gets quite festive from the end of November. 
  10. Dig out your Christmas playlist. Spotify is my jam during the holidays, I love that I can just keep adding festive tunes, I think I have over 24 hours worth of Christmas songs, and yep I just hit repeat and let it go until January. christmas-at-homesense-1
  11. Pick out festive crockery. When we got married I added everything Sophie Conran to our wedding list, I’m obsessed and I couldn’t help but add these festive beauties to my collection when I found them in Homesense, which actually is such a great place for finishing off collections, especially when the prices were more than 60% off. I do love a bargain, especially when it looks as pretty as this. 
  12. Stock up on hot chocolate. Granted hot chocolate isn’t just for Christmas, but it tastes so much better next to a roaring fire all wrapped up in a blanket. I don’t just go for one type of hot chocolate, I like to mix it up and I adore Whittard’s – the luxury milk classic, but it is nice to try out the white chocolate, the minty version, and the chilli one which has a bit of a kick. I have my eye on the rocky road flavour. Oh and don’t forget the marshmallows. 
  13. Buy your cards. Christmas cards have declined a little in recent years, a text message or Facebook message seems to be the norm, I’m also expected a number of Snapchat cards, but I do love writing and sending out festive cards. 
  14. Book in Christmas lunches. I love that this time of year it is acceptable to have long lunches in the name of festive cheer, and who doesn’t love catching up with friends and munching delicious food. Probably just best to add a few more workout sessions during the festive period so you can eat anything you wish.

Now all that’s left is to get excited – can you believe that there are only 38 days to go until Christmas?