Past, Present & Future With UncommonGoods

Past, Present & Future With UncommonGoods

Jewellery with a story grabs my attention, whether it’s the memory of when you received it or the feeling you get when you wear it. Like I can’t help but smell fresh Christmas trees when my engagement ring shimmers in the light, and I have a white gold bracelet that always reminds me of my Mum as she gave it to me on my 18th birthday, and then there is the locket with my Dad’s picture inside that my husband gave to me on our wedding day. Jewellery really does evoke such amazing memories and I’m always on the look out for new pieces with a story, and I think I found the spot at UncommonGoods, an online marketplace with a heart that donates $1 to a charity of your choice with every purchase. 



Everything about UncommonGoods is inspirational, from the concept of bringing together talented designers and artists to promoting sustainability, and giving more than $700,000 to good causes. It’s also really good to see unique, handmade jewellery items that you can’t pick up on the high street or at Asos, sometimes you have to search for something a little different and this is definitely the place. 

I was let loose on the site to pick out the piece that spoke to me and I went with this gorgeous Past, Present and Future Bracelet, which jewellery designer Beth Lawrence from Freshie & Zero designed as an abstract reminder of the passage of time, referring to the fleeting, invisible moment called ‘the present’ as well as the link between our past and future.

It really is simply beautiful, delicate and elegant. I’m in love with the three interlocking circles, the discussion they evoke in people, it’s fun hearing people try to decide which ring is the past, present and future – for most they go for the large being the future, but actually it’s the other way round. The muted, oxidized ring represents the past, interlinked with a silver ring wrapped with a band of silver wire capturing the present, while the shimmering, gold filled ring speaks of the hope of the future.

If that wasn’t poetic enough the gorgeous, understated bracelet also comes with a card explaining the piece’s symbolism, I love the idea that life is a working progress, and I make it a point to try and learn from my past, live in the present, and now I’m adding keeping a bright eye on the future. Such a simple touch but it really did enhance my feelings towards this stunning piece, which I promise will be featuring a lot on future style posts as I simply don’t want to take it off. 

With the festive season nearly upon us I can’t recommend UncommonGoods enough especially if you are after a unique, beautiful and thoughtful gift. Now how do I go about sending my very long wishlist to my husband?

Have you got a piece of jewellery with a story?

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