One Year On – Our First Wedding Anniversary

One Year On – Our First Wedding Anniversary

Saying I have a husband still makes me beam with joy, I’m not sure that will ever subside, especially as it actually made me giggle like a naughty school girl just this past week when we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I know, this Barbie doll has been married for a whole year, 365 days and change, and it really has been the most wonderful year.

I’ve shared snippets before on here about how becoming a wife has changed me, how I was surprised by how the feeling of marriage would actually make me feel special, and now one year on I thought I would reflect further about how getting married has impacted much more than just the bond between my husband and I.


It sounds weird to share this but getting married, saying I do and making a deeper connection with another human being, and being truly deeply, madly in love, really has made me a more complete person that it really makes me question why we didn’t do it sooner. But I wonder if we had would it feel as sweet as it does now, probably not, as I really do believe that there is a right time for everything.

Next week, a close friend is set to join the married club, and I have to be honest I’m just as excited for her to experience the pure and utter joy at getting wed, as well as the enormous relieve that comes with a beautiful wedding day passing without incident, as for the celebration, which I have no doubt with be beautifully romantic and a day to remember.

The weeks leading up to my big day were stressful, arranging two weddings in two countries was a little ambitious, it did make me question why we were getting married as the stress was making it more of a chore than a life-changing experience, thank god we held in there, and thankfully my now husband realised that was just the bridezilla monster that takes over every bride with only days to

I get asked a lot by people what’s changed, especially in the run up to our first wedding anniversary. Well, that’s easy, lots, from the simple things in life like waking up next to someone who unconditionally loves you, yeah you might have lived together before getting married, we did for 10 years, but as soon as that ring went on my finger and we said our vows to one another I really felt a deeper bond between us.

The love that someone feels for you is powerful, knowing my husband loves me really has made me more confident, at ease with myself, you might have noticed that I have been doing more style posts and actually putting myself out there. I’ve been doing this nearly 6 years and even though I have most certainly been thinner, I really haven’t felt this at ease with myself, ever. It’s strange, I know the feminist movement will be shouting at the computer screen reading this, that no man should boost your confidence, but this isn’t any man, this is the man I choose to be my husband, and I love that the bond between us has made me realise that I am beautiful, I don’t have to be like everyone else, and that someone really can truly love me.

Did I just get a little too soppy, sorry, it really is just how I feel, and the reason I can be so open is because I know that I always have someone in my corner, as my husband really is my other half, and I truly love being this complete.

I’ve met some cynical married couples, “only a year wait until you hit 5,” and I can’t wait, I don’t see it as a challenge, I don’t believe that anything will stand in our way. I don’t want to wish away the next five years, but I can definitely see us hitting 5 anniversaries and many more in our future, we are lifers.

I don’t know what the next chapter will bring, the baby question has already started among our friends and family, but what I do know is that with my husband by my side championing me on it can only mean good things for us both, and our family, whether that continues as just the five of us, I have to include my three kitty monsters, or with a little one, or even a dog.

How do you see marriage? I would love to know how you feel about your partner-in-crime, has getting married changed you? But, I also have to point out to my single friends, trust me the world is a big place, you might not have found the one yet, but they are out there and the adventure in the journey is about being at the right place, at the right time.

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