Facebook Loving: Fashionista Barbie Hits Over 100 Likes

I few months ago I decided to set up my Facebook page, mainly because my Google Friend Connect thingy never seemed to work and my non-Twitter friends kind of asked me to, so they could keep up with my goings-on. However, I have to admit I haven’t done much with it, I think it is because everyone’s pages kind of look the same, and you can’t change the background or do anything pretty with it. But saying all that, over 100 of you very sweet peeps have ‘liked’ me, which does make me very happy, not quite Twitter standards where I still can’t believe I have over 3,000 followers but hey still worth celebrating.

I am going to try and use my Facebook page a lot more, I am finding it a pretty handy place to add my excessive images *I do snap a lot*, and maybe when I hit the 1,000 mark I will put together a super, duper prize.

Talking about celebrations I have also jumped into the Top 50 for fashion blogs on Wikio, number 47 to be precise, not bad considering I was all the way down in 120 back in July.

Also last week I was confirmed as a new member of Handpicked Media, which looks after the UK’s top blogs. Yep that’s right FB now sits along the likes of Alex Loves, Disney Roller Girl, Carina 100, Fashion Foie Gras, Anastasia and Duck and my Barbie pal Barbie of the Day. Pretty good company and I am so pleased to be part of the gang.

So you love Fashionista Barbie so much that you never want to miss a thing? Well why not complete the social media set, and check me out on Twitter @FashionNBarbie, subscribe to my RSS feed, or why not add me to your Bloglovin’. Can’t believe I nearly forgot FB is also on Tumblr, you’ll find mostly super quotes, reblogged cool Barbie bits, as well as cool piccies. Also do let me know what you all think, I know WordPress isn’t the kindest on allowing quick comments but I have Disqus on here to make it a little easier and I do read all your comments.

Thanks again for making this Barbie very happy, we may only be in September but 2011 has been an up-and-down type of year, but I think things are on the up and that is down to all your support for my little ol’ blog.

Thank you!!!!