The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set

The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set, Paul A. Young, chocolate, food,

If you could remake your favourite TV show into a chocolate, what would you go for? For me, there are lots of box sets that I return to, that I love to devour from episode to episode for a whole weekend, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias and the Big Bang Theory, all of which would make great choc choices. But, how do you decide on the flavours? Well, according to Paul A. Young who has created the Ultimate Chocolate Box Set inspired by Sky Box Sets it’s all about immersing yourself into the theme of the box set.

So, I reckon for Buffy, the chocolate would need to be hard on the outside, but with a soft centre, that when you bite into it oozes, as our favourite slayer was a little gory at times. I also think it needs to be heavy on the chocolate, maybe a combination of white, dark and milk somehow. For Alias, I’m thinking something that transforms, Jennifer Garner’s character was the master at creating a disguise, maybe in chocolate form that could be something that looks sweet on the outside with a kick, how about chilli-infused for added spice. I think Big Bang Theory might be the hardest as you’ve got to come up with a chocolate that is a scientific, or maybe it’s the easiest as you just have to make the best choc you can, as Sheldon would only put his name to the best!!!

The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set, Paul A. Young, chocolate, food,

For the Ultimate Chocolate Box Set, Young watched more than 100 hours of TV to bring each show to life, from the Walking Dead to 24, and even Nashville got a chocolate makeover. There really is something for everyone in this box set, from my favourite superstar truffle that combines pumpkin pie, doughnuts and maple syrup to represents Nashville to the frosty white coat of the Fortitude chocolate that’s infused with mint, pine and clove oil for an icy-cold taste, to the bitter-sweet choc heart representing The Affair. There is even a bourbon and smoky paprika filled Mad Men choc. 

The fun with this box set isn’t just in the incredible flavours of the chocolates but also guessing which show is which, well, if you can resist not cheating of course. The easiest one to spot has to be 24, that clock is a big give away, and its coffee bean and thyme infused creation is a rush. For me, the best had to be the white chocolate, salted caramel and popcorn sweet treat representing the ultimate Sky Box Set. 

Oh, and did I mention, The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set is also doing it’s bit for charity, as all proceeds will be donated to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). So you get to eat delicious chocolates and do good!!!

The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set is available to buy in Paul A. Young stores, for £15.50.

The Ultimate Chocolate Box Set, Paul A. Young, chocolate, food,