Charlotte Olympia x Barbie Collection

Charlotte Olympia x Barbie Collection

Oh hello there Charlotte Olympia x Barbie doll aren’t you a pretty one. Seriously, if ever there was a perfect partnership, quirky shoe designer Charlotte Olympia and the iconic Barbie is definitely it. They really are well matched and I’m loving not only the Barbie doll, which has been shaped on the founder and creative director Charlotte Olympia Dellal’s likeness but also the cool capsule collection. Now if only I had a thousand pounds to snag the clutch of my dreams I would be one very happy Fashionista Barbie!!!

The Charlotte Olympia x Barbie doll has to be one the prettiest I have seen in a while, I love the old Hollywood glamour vibe, as I’m too a huge fan of the 1959 original look Barbie doll. But can we please give it up for those retro waves, that leopard-print outfit, the red handbag, those gloves and the cute cat-eye sunglasses, seriously swoon-worthy chic and I’m in love!

If the outfit wasn’t enough, this collectable Barbie doll also comes with the brand’s mascot, ‘Bruce’ the leopard, holding a Charlotte Olympia shopping tote, a pair of the iconic Kitty flats and Eve platform sandals, as well as a transparent Pandora clutch box, a Banana bag, web logo fascinator, and gold spider web earrings.

Of course, she is very limited edition, a gold label so that means 10,000 or less, so get in there quick as this beauty is only £95, which considering how pretty she is and the amount of accessories you get is pretty good. Karl Lagerfeld Barbie was £100 and the Moschino’s I think were over that. It’s out of stock on Charlotte Olympia but I snagged one off Net-a-Porter and can’t wait for her to arrive. 

Charlotte Olympia x Barbie

Charlotte Olympia x Barbie: 1. Barbie World Clutch, £1,125 // 2. Barbie Girl Heels, £1,145 // 3. Pomeline Shoes, £925 // 4. Pretty in Pink Kitty Flats, £425 (Kid version not pictured, Inca Pretty In Pink Kitty Flats, £225) // 5. Barbie Vanina Clutch, £895 // 6. Charlotte Olympia Barbie Doll, £95 // 

The capsule collection is just as pretty, I’m obsessed with the Barbie World blush perspex clutch, with the miniature accessories imagined from Barbie’s dressing room. I’m just not loving the price tag, this beauty is over one thousand pounds. Something a little more purse friendly is the Kitty flats, I’m loving the pink rimmed cat-eye sunglasses with a pretty pink pout, I just can’t decide whether I like the black version or the leopard-print version more. Which piece is your favourite?

Will you be buying the gorgeous Charlotte Olympia x Barbie doll?