Things I Love About Autumn

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There are things I love about all seasons, in winter I dream of snow, lots of snow, in spring I love seeing all the new blooms, and in summer, you can’t go wrong with a day filled with sunshine and clear blue skies, but there’s something special with autumn and all its colours. I love it when the leaves start changing and that’s even more exciting this autumn as I get to see it from a whole new garden and county. Don’t get me wrong, Cambridge and the surrounding area is divine, so pretty, but I do think Kent might be the spot for great autumn colour. Everywhere I turn there are trees turning red and gold and there are lots of great spots for a long walk in leafy spots dusted with crunchy leaves, one of the best noises ever, I love doing a shuffle in a pile of leaves.

But it is more than just colourful leaves, you get to go pumpkin picking, have conker contests, collect acorns and pinecones to decorate the house, light the fire for the first time since last winter, and there’s something special about an autumn sunset,  I just love those early evenings finishing with beautiful skies bursting with pink and turquoise, which is always made better with a giant mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.

So, I thought to celebrate the autumn love, I’d share the things I love.

An autumn walk

I can do long walks in the countryside all year round, but in autumn it’s chilly yes, but not so much that you can’t feel your toes, so makes for a perfect time to get outdoors and embrace all the autumnal scenes. For me, I love a National Trust place, they always deliver such autumnal goodness, with tree-lined driveways that make you feel you could be in the Hamptons, to grand houses with red leaves trialing around the front, and I love that you can follow up that lovely crisp walk with a cuppa and a slice of cake. 

Pumpkin picking

I’m not really one for Halloween, you won’t see me doing any scary make-up tuturials anytime soon, but I can’t deny the fun in finding the perfect, or unperfect pumpkin, as I do love the ones with a little personality. Kind of a new tradition here, but this was my second year in a row at a pumpkin patch and this year was better than ever. I’m lucky, Kent has a number of great locations, I went to Pumpkin Moon and I wasn’t disappointed, there were so many pumpkins, all different sizes and colours it was a challenge to just leave with one wheelbarrow full. 

Want inspiration on what to do with your pumpkins? You need to check out this fabulous post from my pal Debs at Bang on Style – painted pumpkins are so cool and less messy than carving.

Fireworks night

Regular readers will know what a big deal my husband makes of firework night, he loves putting on a display, and I love it even more now as it always feels like I get anniversary fireworks, as we got married on November 4. It’s one of those occassions where you can whip up a big batch of chilli, invite friends round, get out the fancy hot chocolate, those giant marshmallows to toast around the fire pit, and to wrap up warm to ooh and aah at the pretty fireworks. I love how my husband researches fireworks, he puts together a schedule and he makes it such a fun evening. This year I’m just hoping my kitchen is done enough to host some friends.  

Go Apple Picking

There’s nothing better than getting your fruit and vegetables from the source, even better when you pick them yourself, and in Kent, named the Garden of England, there are lots of cute farms, and I love that some even come with corn mazes. Plus, when you’ve picked all those apples you get to go home and do some cooking. What could be better than making a fruit pie or crumble? The only question is do you top with custard or ice-cream? It’s always an on-going discussion in our house.

Go candle crazy

During the summer I only really light candles when I’m in the bath, come autumn, they are everywhere, I love them so much, and I have special autumnal scents that I bring out each year that I just adore and they make the house feel so homely. Best evenings are when the open fire is roaring and the candles are all twinkling and I’m settling into a movie marathon. Just pure bliss. 

Jump in a pile of leaves

One final autumn love, just because you can jump around in a pile of leaves. Trust me, this is the best feeling, just forget what’s on your to-do list, and give yourself a moment to be silly. Falcon and I do this on a daily basis at the moment in the garden and it’s such a fun feeling it just makes me laugh and smile so much.

What do you love doing in autumn?

autumn, autumn style, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, autumn colours, things to do in autumn

My Autumn Style: Gap – Jumper // Donna Ida – Jeans // JustFab – Boots (c/o) // Cambridge Satchel Company – ‘Poppy’ Bag (c/o) //

autumn, autumn style, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, autumn colours, things to do in autumnautumn, autumn style, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, autumn colours, things to do in autumnautumn, autumn style, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, autumn colours, things to do in autumn