Sweet Treats From The Skinny Bakery

skinny bakery, low calorie cakes, food, cakes, brownies

When I hear the words “guilt-free treats” I have to be honest I have an image in my head that the cakes and biscuits will be flavourless, rubbery and generally not appealing, I don’t know where it comes from but there’s that thought that a sweet treat that is healthy will taste healthy, not in a good way, if you get what I mean. Well, if like me you love cakes, but are looking to cut down on sugar and calories, while still feeding that sweet tooth, you need to try Skinny Bakery

Quick disclaimer, I was sent all these products snapped here for free, but since then I have also bought them from Selfridges food hall, so I thought they deserved a little mention here on the blog, especially after I got lots of questions on Instagram about whether they were actually that good. Well, in short yes, I’m not going to lie, I preferred some products over others, but overall, I was so impressed with them.

So what makes them healthy, well, they are made from alternative ingredients like beetroot, sweet potato and tofu, which means they typically only contain 30-40 calories, which is insane once you taste them as you can’t believe something this good is actually healthy. 

skinny bakery, low calorie cakes, food, cakes, brownies

Of course I have my favourites, chocolate always goes down well, and I’m obsessed with the Skinny Chocolate Pearls, these tiny chocolate sponges are piped with tofu-chocolate frosting, which sounds like a strange combination, but trust me, they are moist and delicious, for some reason, I always thought healthy meant dry and disappointing, especially when it came to cake, but these have changed my mind completely. 

The Pearls come in various flavours, I also tried the Red Velvet and the Carrot ones, both very nice, the quark based low-fat cream cheese frosting is incredible, but if I had to choose just one it would still be the chocolate ones, and I’ve just seen on their website they have a cookies and cream flavour that I need to try. 

skinny bakery, low calorie cakes, food, cakes, brownies

As well as the Pearls, my guilt-free treat package, which was sent for my birthday, also included the Choc & Orange Cookies and the Meringue Cookies, which I have to be honest weren’t my favourites, they were a little tasteless and I wasn’t keen on the texture of the cookies, for instance the Meringue ones were suppose to be crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, they were just a little dry for me. But if you want a treat with hardly any calories these meringue cookies are only 30 calories each and are dairy-free. 

What I loved about these Skinny Bakery treats had to be the fact they were bite sized, I love sweet treats but I also know I need to cut down, and the little Pearl’s really hit the spot, and I will definitely be adding them to my picnics this summer. You can buy these treat directly from Skinny Bakery’s website or at Selfridges or Whole Foods.

Have you tried Skinny Bakery’s guilt-free treats? 

skinny bakery, low calorie cakes, food, cakes, brownies

**Thank you Skinny Bakery for sending me these birthday treats**