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As I’m starting a new blogging chapter with It’s A Danielle Life, I thought it only right to reintroduce myself, with a simple 19 things about me, just Danielle, rather than Fashionista Barbie. Why 19? Well, I couldn’t decide how many and I thought 10 for the amount of years I have been blogging wasn’t enough, whereas my age was way too many, so I settled for 19 in honour of 2019.

So, you know the basics: I’m a fashion editor based in Kent/London, I generally do fashion trade press so interviews with designers and chief executives, as well as doing my thing over here; you know I’m married, I went on about it enough; you know I have a dog called Falcon, as he basically is all I seem to feature on my Instastories except during fashion week; and you know I’m a sucker for a handbag, especially if it is from Cambridge Satchel Company, and that I love a Disney collaboration, it is like all those Cath Kidston collections were just for me.

These 19 little tidbits, are basically what I’m calling the funny bits, the things you might not have realised about me, and the things you probably didn’t need to know!

Things About Me, Danielle

It's A Danielle Life, Danielle Wightman-Stone, Danielle, UK lifestyle Blogger, UK Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Outfit

1. I sleep every night with a cow, obviously not a real one, and that’s not a weird nickname for my husband, but a moo cow teddy, who has been with me for as nearly as long as my husband. We differ on who bought moo cow, but for the record it was me! Not only does he get pride and place in our bed, but he also jets sets with us on holidays, one time we forgot him and I cried – true story.

2. Forget fancy restaurants and expensive wine, the way to my heart is with my favourite meal, fish fingers, mash and beans, with a chocolate milkshake. It’s my comfort food and probably the only meal my mum cooked when I was younger (only slightly joking!), and when I ask Paulie for it he knows I need a hug. Oh, and if you care, only Birds Eye Cod ones will do, and don’t try and trick me, as I will know.

3. I collect Barbie dolls, I think I have close to, or maybe more than 100, I’ve kind of stopped counting. It’s what inspired my original blog name, Fashionista Barbie. If I had to pick a favourite, I would say my Christian Louboutin beauties, Dolly Forever is just sensational in her hot pink, over-the-knee fringed boots. I’m also so pleased that I snagged two one-off Barbie dolls by Fred Butler and Sister by Sibling as part of a special London Fashion Week celebration.

4. My husband and I love New York so much that we got married there. It was magical, just us and our closest friends. It was fun to elope, we had the best week, and I just adored my fabulous vintage wedding dress that I only wish it was acceptable to wear every day! If you fancy taking a noisy at my New York wedding gown click here, I still love that I found it randomly, was forced to try it on in a broom closet by a lovely old lady, and that it was a bargain, with alternations it cost less than £250. All my wedding posts, including the UK celebrations, which of course meant a whole new look are all in My Wedding archive.

5. I have lots of pets – two kitty monsters – Tia and Bailey, yep who are named after alcoholic drinks, a Welsh springer spaniel called Falcon, who has a little fan club on my Instagram, as he stars in my stories than I do, and a crazy big arse tank full of tropical fish, with Trevor, a pleco as the ring leader. I’m also looking into expanding our family with donkeys or goats **shhh don’t tell my husband**.

6. TV shows I never get bored of watching – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I rewatch from the start every couple of years, Alias with kick-arse, wig-loving Jennifer Garner, NCIS – I’m obsessed with Gibb’s Rules – favourite has to be Rule 36 – ‘If it feels like you’re being played, you probably are’, and then there is Grey’s Anatomy, a recent addition, it’s only been just over a year since I binge watched all the series to get right up to date, seriously don’t know what took me so long. When it comes to needing a laugh, I love Friends, of course, and Big Bang Theory, I’m determined to be able to sing that theme tune correctly, even if just once.

7. I once lost a purple knee high boot on a night out in Manchester, think it was the universe’s way of saying that purple boots are never pretty. They were terrible, I still don’t know what I was thinking, and I remember that they cost me £90, which was a lot of money to a teenage me, which makes it even funnier to be honest. 

8. If I had to choose one app on my mobile that I was addicted to it would have to be IMDB, yep, I know sounds like a random choice, but I always want to know where I’ve watched a certain actress/actor before when they pop up in a movie or TV show we are watching. I search something at least once a day.

It's A Danielle Life, Danielle Wightman-Stone, Danielle, UK lifestyle Blogger, UK Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Outfit

9. I’m petrified of the hairdressers, just the thought of having to go brings on anxiety. It stems back to my childhood when my mum got all my hair cut off as I wasn’t keep the knots out. I just remember the hairdresser asking me if I liked my new look and I screamed, burst into tears and yelled, hell no, and then ran home – I was only about 7 – but it totally scarred me for life. I got better, had the same hairdresser for about a year, and then 18-months ago she shaved part of my eyebrow off doing my fringe with a razor, like seriously – why? I even questioned it at the time, she made me feel silly and then I lost part of my eyebrow – thank god for a long fringe that’s all I can say.

10. I’m a Trekkie. I love Star Trek and I generally have a thing for the captain’s of the Enterprise – from Patrick Stewart to Chris Pine, and even William Shatner in his Star Trek Original TV Series days. If I had to pick one TV show over the others it would be Star Trek The Next Generation, favourite episode Captain’s Holiday, Jean Luc Picard off-duty is my jam!

11. I love to bake. I generally can’t cook, I’m trying to get better, but I can whip up a yummy batch of brownies, Oreo Cookies ones are my go-to, but I love adding in cherries, mini eggs or even white chocolate. As I work from home, solo, well except Falcon, and as we all know dogs can’t have chocolate, I generally give them to my husband for his work peeps, gets me wife brownie points, ha ha see what I did there.

12. When I was younger I wanted to be an archaeologist, if I’m truthful I still kind of want to be, I love fossils and the idea of digging up history. I also went through a phase of wanting to be a war reporter, like Marie Colvin, reporting from the front line with the troops, telling the stories of those who couldn’t tell their own. I even looked into joining the armed forces media corp, but I really didn’t like being in front of the camera so TV was out.

It's A Danielle Life, Danielle Wightman-Stone, Danielle, UK lifestyle Blogger, UK Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Outfit

13. If I could achieve one thing this year it would be to learn how to horse ride, last year was all about conquering my fears of bikes and getting out on two wheels, this year is about finding a riding school. Ever since we moved to Kent I’ve wanted to get a horse for our paddock, but I think I need to learn how to ride one first.

14. I’m a stationery addict. I hoard notepads that I know I will never use, mainly because they are too pretty, and my husband never understands why when we asks for a piece of paper I say I never have any, what I really mean is that I don’t have any to share!!! The amount of pretty diaries I buy and then write in is too many.

15. I’m in the process of writing a Christmas novel. My goal is to write 40,000 words by the end of the year. I’ve written about 1,000, so still a long way to go. I’m not sure if anyone will ever read it part of writing it is to see if I can do, I feel that I need to challenge myself more with my writing.

16. Talking about Christmas, I think it might possibly one of my favourite things in the world. I love the twinkle lights, the smell of the Christmas tree, all the trimmings, thinking up the most perfect presents, watching classic movies, with out fail every year I watch Miracle on 34th Street on Christmas morning.

It's A Danielle Life, Danielle Wightman-Stone, Danielle, UK lifestyle Blogger, UK Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Outfit

17. I love old-school musicals, think On The Town and the Gene Kelly era pre 1960s, I love Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and White Christmas.

18. I really want to do a road trip across the US in a super luxe campervan.

19. I have had some very strange celebrity encounters, I had a conversation with Katie Price while she peed, I nearly knocked over George Michael in the lobby at Granada, he was very tanned and took it like a champ, I ate chips at the same table as Ant & Dec in the London Studios canteen, and yes they are that tiny.

It's A Danielle Life, Danielle Wightman-Stone, Danielle, UK lifestyle Blogger, UK Fashion Blogger, Blogger, Outfit