Hotel Review: Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam Hotel, Where to stay in Amsterdam, Hotel Review

There is more to the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam than just its large size, now it may house 117 hotel rooms, but in a former life it has been a hostel for poor migrants on their way to America, a prison, as well as artists studios before reopening in 2004, as a hotel offering rooms to suit all budgets.

Located along the river IJ in Amsterdam East, the Lloyd Hotel is conveniently placed, just 8 minutes from the city centre by tram (no26) or bus, as well as being on the popular no7 tram route, which will take you towards the museums and other popular attractions in the city.

As well as having its own great bar and restaurant, with a cute and comfortable outdoor terrace, you’ll also find some great places to eat and drink near the hotel, including HappyHappyJoyJoy, an Asian street food-inspired restaurant, which is less than a five-minute walk, as well as friendly bars opposite the hotel.

Lloyd Hotel – the rooms

What makes the Lloyd Hotel standout from others in Amsterdam is the unique proposition, no two rooms are the same, even the same type of room will offer something very different, and it makes it a great hotel for groups, as it offers budget, economy, comfort, and superior rooms, as well as suites.

We visited with three other couples and while we all booked the same superior room, each and every one of them was so different. Ours had an incredible view over the river, and while it was modern in design it was quite sparce, no artwork, no real character, while our friends had a dinning table but no where comfortable to sit, and our other friends had a vibrant room with a floral carpet and lots of colour, and the others were in the roof of the hotel with a window looking down into the restaurant and bar.

While the room we were in was comfortable, it wasn’t exactly stylish, I found it quite boring to be honest, it was fun checking out everyone else’s rooms and seeing what we could have had. So I would definately recommend this hotel if there is a group of you.

Lloyd Hotel – Breakfast

Breakfast at the Lloyd Hotel is what they call a Dutch breakfast buffet, with fresh pressed juices and fruit, various types of bread and toast, ham, salami, Dutch cheese, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bacon, soft or hard boiled eggs, cereals, pastries and yoghurt, as well as self-service coffee and tea, or if you are feeling like celebrating sparkling wine.

There was a lot of choice, which was all delicious, I especially loved the various granolas, as well as the chocolate sprinkles you add to toast, apparently a Dutch delicacy, my only tip add butter or nutella to your toast so all your sprinkles don’t fall off!!!

Lloyd Hotel – Overall Thoughts

For a group trip to Amsterdam, the Lloyd Hotel was perfect, it had plenty of room, so great when there are 10 of you, it also offered rooms for all budgets, but best of all it had a great bar and terrace where we could hang out in between deciding what to do with ourselves. The staff were super friendly, letting us order literally minutes before midnight when they close, so we didn’t have to finish our night early.

While my room was a little plain at first, it kind of grew on me, especially with the view out onto the river, and part of the charm of this hotel is not quite knowing what room you are going to get. Apparently there is a room with a swing, a double bath, and even a piano.

Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam Hotel, Where to stay in Amsterdam, Hotel Review

Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam, 1019 BN

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