Winter Comforts My Emu Australia Sheepskin Boots

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I’m a creature in need of comfort, more so when it comes to winter fashion, which is probably why I’m kind of obsessed with Emu Australia and their sheepskin boots, sandals, slippers, basically, whatever they make I’m going to want!!!

Well, this year marks the Emu Australia’s 25th anniversary, and to celebrate they have launched a new Sharky collection inspired by the Great White Shark, famous to Australia. This sheepskin filled collection is technically for autumn/winter 2020, so you might have to wait until July to snag a pair, but there is a limited pre-release, so snap them up quick.

As a special treat, the brand sent me a pair of the ‘Sharky Mini’ boots, these are the classic sheepskin boots with added personality, as they’ve been given a little update with chunky ‘shark teeth’ soles and a two-tone sole. I’m wearing the dark grey, I thought they’d be the best all-rounder, but they also come in black with a crimson sole, and deep teal, which is a stunning bold colour.

Want a pair of sheepskin boots now, well, you are in luck the closest match I could find are the Emu Australia Platinum Stinger Slim Mini, they have the same slightly slimmer upper as well as being made using water-resistant sheepskin technology, so it means you can totally wear them to the beach, even during winter.

The reason I love these boots so much, as not only are they comfortable, omg so comfortable, no matter the terrain, I love how they keep my feet warm in the cold, but not too warm, I don’t know why, but that amazes me every time.

Looking after your sheepskin boots

My top tip on keeping your sheepskin boots in top condition, don’t worry about getting them dirty, I know, it is hard not to worry, but I promise, just remember to let the dirt dry and then just brush it off.

It really is that simple, probably why I love them so much. Also, if they do get a little worn inside, you can new insoles, so your boots will feel like new again.

Have you fallen under the spell of Emu Australia?