Charity: My Adoptive Donkey Queen

Last day in Oxfordshire and Paulie found the most perfect place to end our trip – the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.  I am a sucker for animals, especially rescued ones – it is the main reason why my three kitties were from a rescue home, and it was so lovely to see these donkeys in a home full of love especially after the terrible things that have happened to them.

If you are in the Oxford area  then I totally recommend visiting the sanctuary, it is such an inspiring place, heartbreaking to hear all the stories of mistreatment but seeing the animals all healthy and being cared for was lovely to see.

I have to admit I wanted to take them all home but Paulie said that was impossible, but I did do the next best thing I adopted one, lovely Fashionista Barbie fans let me introduce you to Queen, a gorgeous 24-year-old mare donkey who was rescued from Appleby Gypsy Fair. How adorable is she!!!

Do you have any adoptive animals?