Beauty: Fashionista Barbie Varnish By Nails Inc Couture

Have you ever wished you could personalise your favourite nail varnish? Well Nails Inc have answered your prays with their ‘Couture’ service where you can create your very own personalised nail polish, choosing the cap, colour, packaging and even the name of the polish itself, which of course meant at the Nails Inc press day I had to make my very own ‘Fashionista Barbie’ shade!!!

Through a simple app on the Nails Inc website you go through four steps:

1. Choose your cap – bejewelled, studded or just plain silver

2. Pick your colour – everything from pink to sparkly polish, there are nearly 90 to choose from

3. Name your varnish – you have 12 characters per line so make it count

4. Jazz up your packing – choose the stickers to adorn your ‘Couture’ packaging, there is everything from Happy Birthday to I heart Nails Inc

For £20 I think this makes a great gift especially if you have any nail polish addict friends. I love my Fashionista Barbie shade that came in the post, which if anyone wants to know is just the neon Nottinghill Gate polish, but I do feel like it is extra special with my blog name on it.

**Thanks Nails Inc for sending me my very own Fashionista Barbie shade!!!**


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