Dior At Harrods: The Miniature Dior Fashion Theatre


This week I finally got the chance to head on over to Harrods to check out the fabulous ‘So Dior’ experience, an exhibition honouring Christian Dior through the ages and it is amazing.

The pop-up exhibit on the Fourth Floor displays everything from Haute Couture to its impressive fragrances, I particularly loved the Charlize Theron J’adore display, as well as illustrations drawn by Monsieur Dior, a section dedicated to its iconic Lady Dior handbag complete with a giant Lady Dior display and piccies of the late Princess Diana, and of course you can’t have a Dior exhibit without displaying the gorgeous gowns as worn by the fashion houses’ celebrity fans – you can get up-close to Dior dresses as worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Audrey Hepburn and Marion Cotillard.

It really is a breathtaking, informative, and beautifully laid out free exhibition, that was so good to be honest I would have paid to go around. I know there has been a lot of images of the exhibition out there, and I don’t want to bore you, but there was one particular section that I know Barbie fans would love to see and that is the miniature Dior Fashion Theatre.


If ever there was a section that seems to have been made for Barbie herself it was this one, as the Fashion Theatre features more than 40 of Dior Haute Couture’s most symbolic silhouettes recreated in miniature form to tell the history of the Couture House on Avenue Montaigne.

There are scaled-down creations from everything from the iconic Bar suit created in 1947 to Jennifer Lawrence‘s Golden Globe gown as designed by Raf Simons from the autumn/winter 2012 collection.


I was simply in awe looking at these creations, they may be miniature but they are no doubt any less detailed that the originals – everything from the iconic Dior bow to the bustier detailing and the exaggerating draping to the tiny belts nipping in the Barbie-sized waists, this display was exquisite to see.

I have a Christian Dior Barbie in my collection and would love to see this animal printed halterneck gown below with the tulip hem released as a Barbie Collector Doll – seriously how amazing would that be.

So-Dior-fashion-theatre-11So-Dior-fashion-theatre-9So-Dior-fashion-theatre-6 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-13 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-4 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-5So-Dior-dollhouse-5

There was even a doll-sized façade of 30 Avenue Montaigne, the fashion house’s Couture headquarters featuring Dior silhouettes lit up in the windows, and inside were miniature chandeliers  perfume bottles and tiny chairs – now that is the doll-house for me!!!

So-Dior-dollhouse-2 So-Dior-dollhouse-4 So-Dior-dollhouse-3

I will be posting more pictures from the exhibition on my Facebook page so don’t forget to head on over there – but if you get chance I would most certainly recommend it – for a free exhibition this is incredibly done and don’t forget to walk the windows – they are simply divine.

The ‘So Dior’ exhibition at Harrods runs until April 14.

[All pictures taken by me, Fashionista Barbie please do not use without crediting]

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  1. Bumpkin Betty
    March 30, 2013 / 10:41 am

    OMG!! This is amazing- Dior gowns… In miniature! Too cute! I haven’t had a chance to go down to the exhibition yet, will need to do that next week as it looks fab! x