Beauty Bytes: 3 Favourites For Summer

Beauty Bytes: 3 Favourites For Summer

I am a lover of winter because I get to layer up and generally speaking no part of my skin is on show, however, on the other hand I love it when summer comes around as waking up to sunshine instantly cheers me up. But when the sun comes out to play I dread those moments where I will have to show off my legs, or maybe even wear a bikini – so this summer I decided to try out a few beauty favourites that I have been recommended.

So for my summer loving beauty bytes I have a gradual self tan, sea salt spray to give you tousled waves, and a contouring serum that actually works!!!


St. Tropez – Everyday Perfect Legs

I find that I am much happier about my less than perfect legs when they have a little colour, so St. Tropez’s Perfect Legs is the perfect solution as it adds a gradual tan to instantly bronze your legs.

I am generally rubbish at self tan, mainly because I am worried that I am going to come out a little orange, but this product comes with a dual action pump – the white is the gradual tan lotion and the black adds an instant tan. As I am not after being too tanned I have just been using the white pump, as it adds just enough of a bronzing for me, but I think if I was going on a night out then it might be a ideal to top up with the instant tan.

What I would say before using this product is to exfoliate your legs well, as you don’t want any uneven areas, and it will help your legs stay a bronzed glow for longer. I found the product itself easy to apply, the lotion absorbs easily, and you can tell the areas that you haven’t covered for a flawless finish. I have been using the white pump only every other day for a nice glow.

beauty-bytes-s-tropez-legs- beauty-bytes-labelm-sea-sal

Label.M – Sea Salt Spray

I am a big fan of Toni & Guy’s haircare range, Label.M, especially their protein spray, so when I received the Sea Salt Spray in a goodie bag I thought I would give it a go as I had just ran out of Bumble and Bumble’s version.

One of the things I love about summer the most has to be leaving my hair to dry itself and this product is perfect for giving your hair that ‘I have just come back from the beach look’, you know what I mean all tousled and textured – very California chic.

If your hair is thin all you will need to do is spray directly onto wet hair and twirl, but as my hair is quite thick I needed to plait my hair when wet to give it a push start to tousled waves, which I had to do with the B&B one as well.

What I love about this Label.M product, other than the matte texture effect if gives, has to be the smell it really made my hair smell lovely all day.


Melvita – Algascience Contouring Serum

I am not sure if a lotion can reduce all of my stubborn areas, but this Contouring Serum from Melvita is doing a good job at smoothing them and making my skin feel good.

Let me give you some of the science, this product is formulated with a 3-seaweed complex – coralline to help promote fat burning, palmaria to kick-start the draining, and focus, which along with the caffeine sorts out the contouring.

I have been using for about two weeks, but unlike the directions I have only been applying once a day, (I just don’t have time for morning and evening), to mainly my hips and thighs. I have found that I can see a difference in the firmness of my skin, I am more toned in areas, but more than that I have found the massaging quite relaxing. I think if you have the time to do twice a day you would really see noticeable results.


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